Farberware Skillet Question

bostonpat_gwJuly 28, 2009

I just bought this Farberware electric skillet (it was a good buy!). It's a model 344A and has an insert . Unfortunately I didn't get a manual, but I am hoping someone can tell me what this insert is for - is it used for roasting or steaming? What do you cook in your electric skillet? Any help would be appreciated!



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i'm guessing steamer. does it sit up with a space under it?

it sure has changed from mine, lol....

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It has a lip on it, maybe 1/4 inch - no legs!
I've searched online and haven't been able to find any manual,there are quite a few for sale however!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

A rack similar to that came with my 6 qt pressure cooker. I use it when pressuring meat, to keep it up off the bottom and from burning. I would imagine you would maybe use it too if you were cooking other larger cuts of meat, or whole chicken.

It's pretty!

I used to occasionally fry fish in mine and used it outside at the picnic table, keeping all the mess, heat and odors outside. Pot roast would be good in it I'm sure, as would a pork loin roast.


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Thanks Sue - I bought it because I didn't want to heat up the kitchen and it was only $10.00! What temp did you use for the roasts?

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bostonpat, here's a site with recipes. You could search for others using 'electric fry pan recipes.'

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric fry pan recipes

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Hi Pat. Electric frypans are incredibly versitile. It's a frypan of course, but also a mini oven. Yes you can bake cakes, brownies and bread in them if you do it right, and it works as a pseudo slow cooker too. I like the instant heat regulation up and down, superior even to a gas stove, the ease of cleaning and portability of it.

I assume it's stainless inside rather than non-stick? Been thinking of getting a stainless one.

If the item in question hooks on the top of the pan, I'd guess it's a steamer insert, otherwise it looks like a fancy rack to me if it fits in the bottom of the pan. At least that's what I'd use it for. Put a roast & potatoes on it, or some ribs and braise away. Coat ribs with dryrub and brown the ribs first, then add your favorite liquid, put the ribs on the rack and slow cook them for several hours about 250°-275° and have a feast. Could cook some taters and sweet corn in with it too. Bacon and eggs with hashbrowns go great in there, you can make lasagna in there along with most any casserole. The appliance is probably about the most universally functional one in my home.

BTW, where did you get it? That was a good deal although I prefer square ones over round. But it appears to be reasonably deep which helps. I don't like shallow pans for most things!

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Thanks for the recipes - I'll check them out.

Cynic - I got it on Craigslist, it's a Farberware stainless steel skillet used, but in great condition. I snagged the picture off Ebay - they have tons of them there - some for a lot more money - some more reasonable. I was looking for yet another fry pan and wanted to go the stainless steel route since I am sick and tired of paying $20 and up for a non stick pan made in some other country and have it not last. The Farberware I have I got all at yard sales and thrift shops, one great stockpot on Ebay - all these pieces are vintage, well made US made items and take a licking.
The insert I showed doesn't hook but lies flat, I hope to give it a test drive this week, I want to make up several meals at once and freeze them, cooking when I get home from work is getting less appealing!
I'd love to be able to cook a roast and spuds at the same time - one pan to clean!

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It's a steamer

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