Will you be watching Extant tonight?

alisandeJuly 9, 2014

Except for Blacklist, I don't watch series on a regular basis, but the ads for Extant have me intrigued. So I plan to watch the premiere tonight. I hope we don't get another t-storm . . . and I hope I remember. ;-)

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Have dvr set to record it.

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I'll record it, but I'm not sure I'm interested.

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I'm intrigued, but I have a couple reservations. I'm very picky about scifi, and I watched an interview where Halle Berry said scifi isn't really her thing, which I was concerned about being an issue for me liking the show. However, she said the show has a lot of family orientation, so I am curious to see how the show will go.

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Nope, not for me!

Watched the beginning then I stopped recording.

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I watched the whole hour, but I don't know . . . it looks like it's going to get scary, and I'm not crazy about scary. I'm also not wild about people with power and good reputations actually being evil. It's been overdone, no?

Turns out this series will be on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Maybe I'll catch it there.

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Anyone else watch it? If so what did you think?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you missed it it is replaying tonight (Thursday) so you have another chance.

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I liked it but missed the first 10 minutes so just watched it on it's twitter site...trying to find out where their son came from in the first place. No answers yet, but did find this...

Find the idea of human experience/emotions (nature or nurture?) being planted and taught to a machino intriguing so far and interesting enough to keep watching for now.

Here is a link that might be useful: some background

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No sounding appeal here, not even in the name. How can TV consistently make such dumb shows?

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Old Fixer, how can you say it's dumb if you haven't seen it? Or have you?

I just looked up the name of the actor who plays Halle Berry's husband in the series. His name is Goran ViánjiÃÂ, and he's from Croatia. Usually l'm impressed with how British and Australian actors can nail an American accent, but this time I heard traces of British pronunciation popping up here and there.

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I can't stand Halle Berry, so no.

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Goran Visnjic was on ER for a number of years - an enjoyable actor and certainly not bad to look at. I don't have an opinion on the show since the premise and promos didn't entice me.

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I watched...it was ok...it needs to pick up a bit to keep my interest...I loved seeing all the technology!

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I agree about the technology, Liz--it was fun seeing all that futuristic stuff.

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I really wanted to watch it, but missed the first half hour, and then was busy tonight and couldn't see the re-broadcast either, but thanks to breenthumb's mention of watching it online, I managed to see the first half.

The show seemed quite ambitious: trying to build an entire coherent futuristic world, introduce a half dozen main characters and present some history and motivations for the characters, and establish the main plot as well as two or three sub-plots, all without resorting to clumsy narration and minimizing the ham-handed exposition.

Some of the characters had so little screen-time they seemed a little more like caricatures: The sinister administrator guy conspiring with the eccentric corporate billionaire; the doctor-friend keeping something so momentous secret; even the brilliant scientist guy being unable to stifle his atheistic views enough to avoid repeatedly insulting the people he is asking to fund his research.

I also had some quibbles with plot points:

Why have only one person on the large space station, especially when the previous astronaut supposedly flipped-out and killed himself?

Why wouldn't the husband have at least some ready answer to deflect an obvious and expected fear-motivated line of questions?

Why would they even make it possible to delete the video feeds on the space station?

I did notice a couple of nice touches in the sequences on the space station: When the power goes out and she is on the rim of the station where there is some "gravity" due to the rotation of the station, and she climbs "up" towards the central hub and experiences less and less "gravity" until she is in free-fall at the hub.

Then later when she see see the guy in the airlock, she is floating weightless holding on to a handhold and she then "sees" the guy come walking out which seems to clearly indicate he's a hallucination.

All-in-all, despite the above quibbles, I think the show worked pretty well, and has a lot of promise.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I enjoyed it. Will give it more time to see where it goes. I really like Goran, loved him on ER, he is a great actor and very good looking.

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I planed on watching the first one & forgot.....

I doubt it's something I'd be interested in long term....

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Good review, Bob! I noticed a little glitch too: She tells the Director that she accidentally deleted the footage, but when they show the actual deletion there's a fail-safe screen, or whatever you call it that says something like, "Are you sure you want to delete?"--at which point she completes the deleting process.

Somehow the Director and his cohort don't know about that process.

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Watched it..I may watch it again..but I wish it was a movie, start to finish....

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Went online & watched it.

She looks pretty well out numbered....quarantine time....

Not sure there's a lot we'll embrace here. No warm fuzzies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Extant

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Nope, much too complicated for just another show built around adultery. That is the bottom line. A reason to show humans at their most base. My favorite stupidity in all this is when a recent talk show host said she didn't GET the premise of a person being away from their family for an entire year...someone please call her and explain the military to her!!! I agree it maybe could have made some money as a movie. I think the "re-running" two nights later tells us NO ONE watched it. Halle just had a baby..she should stick to raising it.

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With all the things we hear about in the news--including the guy accused of deliberately leaving his little son to die in a hot car--I would disagree that adultery is "humans at their most base." But maybe that's a discussion for Hot Topics.

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I didn't take it as adultery at all. I think she was set up by the powers that be, remember the one preview where she says "please just tell me what you did to me".

I think they impregnated her on purpose, without her knowledge. I'll give it a chance, but then again, I love sci-fi.

Goran was Luka Kovac on ER. Ioved that show.

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I'm with you, Katlan. What we saw was her understandably emotional reaction to seeing her first husband--long dead--again. But he turned out to be some kind of illusion (or something!). The bad guys at work....?

I don't think I was watching ER when Goran was on, but I remember seeing an episode that featured a handsome doctor with what could have been a Croatian accent. He's done pretty well at picking up American English since then.

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