justlindaJuly 8, 2014

Wondering how it works! Some of the posts mention "free pattern" but be darned if I can ever find the free pattern. Anybody have any insights on how it works.

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People "pin" things they see onto their Pinterest boards. Best case scenario - they post to the actual blog page, or webpage that the item came from. You click on the pin to open it, and then click it again to be re-directed to the website the pin came from.

People don't always pin correctly though. Sometimes they may pin something on a blog that happens to be on the main page that day, but when you see that pin 4 years later and click on it - you are taken the main page of that blog - and good luck finding the thing you were wanting to see! People should open up that actual blog post and pin it from there, so the pin will re-direct you to the actual item you were wanting to see. Some people also just directly upload a picture and you get nowhere with that either.

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I always click on the picture and it will usually take you to the website. But like Iowa girl said, people don't always pin correctly. I like to add the website address right in the message when I pin.
It helps me find it quickly.

I will tell you one thing about pinterest.................. I get so hungry looking at all the food I have to close it and get off!
You can find some great recipes there.

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I don't have the greatest luck with Pinterest, I stopped looking at it a long time ago.

I wanted to find some recipes of the pictures and every time I'd click it would take me to another picture of the same dish, over and over. I guess it was being re-pinned but never with the recipe. Never could find the recipe.
Aggravating? You bet.

If it's not on the main page, I'm not going to go searching. I tried looking on food and drinks or whatever the food category is, and it's too convoluted and complicated.

There are so many good food blogs I don't need Pinterest.

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Never used it so can't say how it works. KT is bad enough for consuming time.

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If you find an image ANY WHERE on the internet, right click on it and choose 'search for this image'. You will get several return sites - click through them and you could find what you're looking for. Not ALL images will have a web address associated with them, but most will.

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Good tip, Kayjones. Thanks.

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Google Image search is THE BOMB! LOL

I do think you need to be using the Chrome browser in order for it to work like Kay described though. You can still do a Google image search from other browsers, but you need to take a few more steps to get there.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I used to enjoy surfing through it, but not now because it constantly blocks the entire page wanting me to sign up. I don't want to sign up I just want to look at the stuff. It's just so annoying. Houzz is the same way now too.

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I love Pinterest. It's a great way to visually "bookmark" a site with a photo. Great for recipes and fab for craft ideas. I also like to search for collectible photos like village displays, old teasets, and carnival glass.

It does have one drawback though, and that is that it is a goldmine for pattern copyright infringement. People post illegal pattern copies from Russian and Chinese websites. I don't know that Pinterest is much interested in controlling it though.

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How much ...

... right ...

... do I have ...

... to copy ...

... "copyright" ...

... material?

Answer: Not much (without paying - sometimes through the nose).

o j

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I love Pinterest, and I've found many great craft, recipe and garden ideas on there that inspired me with my own projects. Sometimes I can't easily find the original source on a link I've clicked on, but usually another link will have it. Sometimes I only need the picture for inspiration. I resisted signing up for it, but I'm so glad I did!

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Thank you Kayjones for your hint. I too have been frustrated trying to find the source site for a Pinterest because I wanted the instructions, etc. Sounds like your suggestion will help with that.

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