He tried to shame me.......

GeorgysmomJuly 29, 2012

but it didn't work. I was working in the kitchen today and DH said if I would show him how to work the washing machine, he would do a load of wash. I know he thought I would say that I would do it when I was done in the kitchen but I didn't. I showed him how to turn it on instead. LOL After fifty-three years, it's about time he knew how don't you think?

p.s. I'm not real behind in the laundry. It's just that I don't do dark wash very often in the summer. He had a load of dark.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I taught my husband right away how to use our new front loaders and he was excited since it was a new toy! He does his own laundry every Sunday so he has everything clean for the next week at work. The rest of the laundry I do.

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The first time my husband complained about how I washed his clothes--39 years ago--I taught him how to use the washer. He's done his laundry ever since. I'm definitely a supporter of equal laundry opportunity! Although, I'll admit, he seems to be having a bit of trouble learning the new frontloader with all it's fancy bells and whistles, but it's learn or wear dirty clothes!

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When my husband retired, he decided to do the laundry....but he didn't fold or put away! So some pretty wrinkly stuff got put in drawers!

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Good heavens, what took you so long??? My husband voluntarily took on more and more of my household chores once he retired, and we BOTH love it...I have more time for cooking and baking, and he enjoys the fruits of my labor. He's almost as good at laundry and vacuuming, etc. as I am. And once I taught him how to make coffee, I've had a a fresh-brewed cup BROUGHT TO ME every morning since....

Coming up to 51 years for us in September. Good man!

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Good job!

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What took you so long??!

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Mine used to do his and wanted to do mine.......I declined the offer! LOL, but he put everything of his in one load and usually got lucky that the darks didn't fade.

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lol..dh has been known to do a bit of everything...

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My DH doesn't do laundry, but he will run and empty the dishwasher! Works for me!

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Good for you!

My husband likes most anything mechanical, so he has no problem taking turns with the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

He vacuums our wooden floors too, with a manly shop-vac.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I taught my husband how to make my 'recipe' for pan fried fish and/or shrimp tonight. He was an excellent student and we had a great dinner. He really likes to cook.

He still doesn't know how to use the new washer or load the dishwasher.

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I do the laundry, but I don't mind. He goes out to work every day. Years ago when we both worked, chores were split equally. My Dad doesn't know how to do laundry, run their washing machine, can only cook a couple of things. I think seniors should both know how to do basic things around the house.

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The only thing my husband does around the house is put his folded laundry away. Since he works 6 and 7 days a week and many hours a day that is okay with me. He is 78 years old.


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Since I have no desire to cut the lawn or change the oil on the cars or shovel snow or the millions of other things my dh does, I have no problem doing the laundry. We have worked things out pretty nicely for 31 years! :)

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Good for you, Gerogysmom. Sometimes it's a matter of survival. We ladies may not be around forever--then what would they do. So consider it a favor you did for him.

Before we retired, Harry did more than his share of housework and, after that, he did all the outside and took care of the cars and I did the inside. Well, now our lawn maintenance is cared for, but there is very little Harry's able to do. He does empty trash, clean up after dinner, start the dishwasher and empty it. I'm grateful for any help he can give me. Now--how do you train them to put things back where they belong????

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If anyone knows the trick to getting hubbies to put things where they belong, please let me in on your trick.

My hubby is good at doing everything....cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

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FlamingO in AR

I wish Woody wouldn't do laundry, he doesn't believe in sorting. He'll wash jeans with red dishtowels and underwear. He thinks that since they've all been washed before, that the colors won't bleed. And he doesn't believe me when I complain about fiber transference. So if his underwear has a blue cast to them, it's his own dang fault. I just wish mine didn't. :)

And he's the tidy one in this house, all his stuff is put away where it belongs. Sometimes even before he's done using it, which makes me nuts. The one other thing he won't do is close the LR closet bi-fold doors, he leaves them open 4-6 times a day, and it bugs the heck out of me. I feel like gluing those doors shut.

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Hope you enjoy it while you can. My hubby used to get up before me every morning (around 5 or 5:30) and have coffee all done, or just about done, when I got up, and I loved it. Now, he is under hospice care (inhome) and I have to do it all when I get up, and a whole lot more. He has never done laundry, except for a couple loads when I would be out of town for a few days, and then would have to have written instructions taped to both the dishwasher and washing machine before I left. I am a big coffee drinker, and my day is useless until I have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and I really really miss having it all made when I get up.

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Reading all you replies makes me think I must have done something right. My sons are undoubtedly younger than you husbands, and they are both single in their mid 40's. I think that because they learned to do so many things early in their life (I was a single mom) they probably feel they don't really need a wife! Of course that means no grandkids!

They were both taught to sew, by hand and with the sewing machine, starting out by making stuffed tee shirt pillows and fantasy designs out of old pillow cases. They were each in charge of making a meal once a week. Sometimes the results were 'interesting', but we ate them anyway. They are both now wonderful cooks.

There was the typical goof, as when I told one to put the washed clothes into the dryer. I didn't tell him to turn it on, so he didn't! "You never said. . . ".

I guess it all boils down to what your mamma taught you.

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LOL maxmom. DH actually put his clothes in the dryer, too. He even removed them and put them away. I wonder if this will be a new trend. He doesn't do anything else. He hires someone to mow the lawn. I keep saying "when do I get to retire?" I'll have to read him some of these posts so he can see what a slacker he is!

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cat_ky-why don't you get a programmable coffee maker with a timer? It would be all ready for you in the am.

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I have thought about that, but, I have this fabulous double coffee pot, I hate to part with. Probably time to do something different though. :-)

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A couple of years ago, I was in hospital for 6 weeks and my husband came to see me every day. One day he said, "I don't know what WE are going to do about the laundry, it's piling up". I don't think he knew the washer from the drier and certainly not how to use either one. Fortunately, our daughter lives near by and she gave him a beginners lesson to get him started. He did it a few times while I was in, but has not done it since and shows NO interest!! He does load and run the dishwasher, but that's about the extent of his household labor. We've been married for 53 years and I'm waiting for MY turn!!

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I'm satisfied that TG knows how to do laundry, but like Flamey, I prefer if he does not do mine.
I like to hang dry or only partially dry some clothes and I'm particular about sorting and temperature.

I guess it all depends, but I'm surprised to hear of an adult or even a kid over the age of 12 not knowing how to do laundry. My Dad is 80 and he loves doing the laundry. (don't ask me to explain that one, but maybe that accounts for my surprise.) So Georgysmom - good for you for refusing to be shamed and bring him up to speed on laundry!

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I do the laundry but my husband washes the dishes. We have a
dishwasher but you might as well clean them off first, I've
never had a dishwasher that worked that good. I'd rather do
the laundry so it works for both of us...

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DH has always been good about helping out.....laundry, dishes, shopping etc.
When our son was a senior in high school I was getting ready to do some laundry and DH was telling me I should go into DS's bedroom, check the closet floor and under his bed for dirty clothes.
I remarked I only did laundry in the hamper and if DS wanted things washed, he could comply. DH got really upset and was telling me I wasn't a very good mother, etc. DS happened to walk into the room during your "discussion."
I was so happy when DS announced he was soon going to be going away to college and would I please teach him how to do his own laundry.
DD complained about how I did her laundry when she was 11 so I told her she could do it herself.....and she has ever since. She is now 45.

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My DH is sitting in his "throne" watching TV. His favorite thing. I can't complain (altho I do) because when my disabilities were bad he surprised me by 'stepping up to the plate' and doing whatever needed to be done. Now days, with my improved health, he does less, but we have a back yard that he has made a thing of joy and he does pick up the slack when needed....and I am grateful. He still folds his laundry and empties the dishwasher always; but I KNOW he can and will do more when needed.

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