Instead of Grilling......

jasdipJuly 25, 2012

How do you modify a recipe that calls for grilling the meat? A

Would you bake it in the oven at 375 or 400 for instance?

Or broil it, maybe?

I had a cast-iron grill/griddle that sat on the burners, but it made such a mess, and smoked, and was a bear to clean. Now that I have a smooth-top, I don't think I would use one of those on it anyway.

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I would broil.

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I have a George Forman electric grill. It does a very good job of grilling with very little mess on my kitchen counter. And it isn't hard to clean. Not all that expensive either. Otherwise, I would broil in the oven.

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broiling gives that quick sear, like using the grill...

know what you mean about the cast iron grilling always looks so easy when they use it on tv...but no matter how hot i got it or used a oil wipe, it was a huge mess! i do agree about the glass top...

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Susan--the oil was probably the problem. Oil leaves a sticky, hard-to-clean residue on cast iron. CI needs to be seasoned with solid shortening (like Crisco).

A forman-type grill will probably be the closest to grilling outdoors. It can be done completely mess-free, if you line your Forman Grill, top and bottom with parchment. It cooks just as well (you'll still get grill marks) BUT the food stays more moist, and you won't have any mess cooked onto the grill to clean off later.
If you don't have one of those, then I'd go with broiling

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I use a hard anodized aluminum grill pan on my stove top. I rub a bit of olive oil on it before I heat it up. After I remove my cooked protein, I pour water on the pan and use the
OXO Good Grips Grill Pan Brush to loosen all of the cooked on bits. Then, I turn off the gas burner. After our meal, I carry the cooled pan and wash it with dish soap and water. Usually, it cleans up easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brush on Amazon

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It depends on the cut and type of meat. What are you making? I wouldn't broil chicken breasts for example.

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If you can grill it you can broil it. I grew up with the broiler being in use all the time. Breaded of dipped in egg mixture was pan fried (or "grilled"). Anything naked or marinated was broiled. It's a great way to get a nice seared outside without drying meats out.

Roasting is a different process. You will not get the same texture by roasting in lieu of grilling.

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An example would a recipe that has grilled chicken (skin on pieces) then brushed with a glaze. I have a number of recipes like that and they all sound so good.

I do my thick chops on the stove top to sear them then finish in the oven. I was wondering if chicken could be done similarly.

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