Does anyone have Calphalon cookware?

rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7July 9, 2013

There's a fabulous special on a set of Calphalon frypans (10" and 12") in the new Crate and Barrel catalog. If you use this brand, would you review it for me?

It's not a bargain if the non-stick surface doesn't last!

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I just looked at the Crate and Barrel catalog and I have some just like those advertised. I bought them at Bed Bath & Beyond years ago for the same price. Have seen them recently at Macy's for same price. I don't use mine all the time, but they are like new, I only use them for eggs and other items that stick easily.

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I don't have this brand of cookwear, but I have a small skillet by Revere Ware, which food absolutely will not stick in. I know, because I left something on the stove too long and, while it blackened the food, it wiped right out. It is perfect for eggs - no oil needed.

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Calphalon cannot be put the the dishwasher. That did it for my DD who prefers All-Clad.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a few pieces, the skillets, I use them occasionally. I did see some very recently at Tuesday Morning store for excellent price.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that I will go ahead and jump on this deal. Kris, like you, I only want them for eggs, omelets, pancakes, and things like that. There's a fried zucchini patty I'm dieing to try! My last non-stick pan has seen its last meal.

Thanks, everyone. Oh, I do know how to take care of cookware such as this.

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I bought a set at a Caphalon outlet about six years ago. Mine are not non-stick however. I love them and even the non-stick are very easy to clean.

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I have the black non-stick 12" Wok and round roasting pans....they are my favorite pans to cook in.
Just run hot water in them right after using, and wipe.

Mine are at least 5 years old.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yay! I'm excited.....thank you all so much for your most excellent reviews.

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Worst thing that ever happened to my kitchen - DH retired and decided that since he watched Food Network, he was a cook. ACCK!

In desperation I purchased a couple of the Calphalon items. I started with one. He had destroyed so many of my favorite pans. I thought if this pan survives it would be a miracle.

Surfice it to say, I ended up buying Calphalon any time I came across it on sale. If my DH hasn't been able to destroy them, nothing will.

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I have several of the no-stick pans from them and love them.

Some tips that need to be followed.
-Never, ever, use Pam spray on them. It eats up the coating.
- never use dishwasher soap or the washer for them. Again, ruins the coating. But they do clean up easy with dish soap.
-save your receipt just in case there is a problem. They are good at honoring the warranty.

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I have a full set of Calphalon cookware and frying pans, and I love, love, love them! Barkeeper's friend will be your friend at keeping them looking fabulous!

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I cooked tomato sauce in my 4-qt. Calphalon stock pot. It ate away the black finish. Now the pot is shiny aluminum inside.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You have to be really careful what kind of cookware you use with acidic foods like tomatoes and anything vinegary. My husband has ruined several of my really good pots making his secret bbq sauce which contains a lot of vinegar and mustard. In fact he used an old aluminum pot of my mothers that I had saved and the sauce reacted with the aluminum and I had tiny pin holes in the bottom of the pot, it's ruined. I have forbidden him from touching my pots he must ask what he can use. He is very good about buying me new ones though. He definitely knows that all my Magnalite is a no no, I treasure my Magnalite.

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I had Calphalon for years, and was very pleased with it. When I made some kitchen changes, includinfg a ceramic cook-top, I realized the Calohalon had warped on the bottom. It was not flush with the cook top, and therefore could not be used. Have been gradually replacing with All-Clad.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7'll laugh at this. I had reheated some of our pulled pork from the other night in one of my new pans, and made more of my own secret sauce to add to it.

I sure did leap out of my chair to wash it, after reading these posts.

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I also prefer All-Clad. The chef in my favorite restaurant recommends AC.

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There are multiple types of Calphalon cookware.

Hard Anodized is a dark, brushed appearing finish that is created to protect the underlying aluminum of the pan. It's not non-stick but is pretty easy to clean up. This finish will react to acidic foods and the coating may wear away with repeated use. It happens. Most of these pieces are not non-stick but some may be. If you have the non-stick interior, you have little to worry about with respect to acidic foods. The anodized finish cleans up well with Barkeeper's Friend, Cameo Stainless Steel cleaner and other cleaners designed for aluminum.

Stainless with non-stick is basically a stainless steel piece with non-stick finish inside. Use it for everything.

Stainless with no finish. Stainless; use it for everything.

Ceramic; stainless or enamel outside. I don't have any of these but they're pretty tough. You can use for everything but be aware of special cleaning needs.

Oh Raven, I'm soooo with you on the Magnalite. I have some hard anodized pieces (professional) from the early 90s and love them. One day, I will find some of the old roasters and 8qt pots from the 40s/50s to add to my collection. If I didn't already have so many pots and pans....

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You know in Louisiana it is a tradition to pass down your Magnalite, and there is a lot of it, much of it the very old original stuff. But when Katrina hit there was tons of it lost or destroyed.
I came across an article how to safely clean magnalite that had been in the Katrina water. I just don't know that I would feel safe using it after it had been soaking in that kind of sludge though.
I had found some I really wanted on ebay buy not knowing if it was some of those pieces I have been very hesitant on buying any more of the old pieces. I just recently got another small sauce pan at our Garden Club sale, I jumped on it when I saw it, actually my husband saw it first. It was from one of my good friends in the club and she told me she has several more pieces if I was interested in it. YES! lol
I do have the big roasters have had them for years and use them a lot.

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