Frog says if the power goes out he has an emergency plan

lazypupJuly 5, 2012

Frog says not to worry,,,if the power goes out he will do the cooking

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Will it be good enough for human consumption :o)

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JuneBug Jambalaya? Sounds like really good "grub" to me!

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Frog happens to be a very good fact,,,he is helping me make supper tonight....

A Polinisian stir fry with chicken breasts & sirloin steak cut is bite size strips, then added a pound of jumbo shrimp.

Brocholi, Califlower, Green red & yellow bell pepper cut in 1" squares, Two large onions cut in 1" squares, 1lb of bok choy, leaves cut off then the stems cross cut into 3/8" thick bite size slices, 1/2lb of fresh mushrooms cut into large bite size slices, Sliced water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and one large can of pineapple chunks (drained and hold liquid).


Begin by making the marinade-

1/2 cup of soy sauce
1/4cup of white vinegar
Pineapple juice
1/4cup of orange juice
2tbsp of brown sugar
1/2tsp of crushed red peppers

Mix the marinate thoroughly then put in a medium sized zip lock bag and add the chicken, steak & shrimp. Seal the bag and shake it a bit to thorougly cover all the meats. Now place the bag in the fridge and turn it over once every 30 minutes for 4 hours.

at 30 minutes before serving time start the rice. For perfect rice start with two cups of cold water and add 1 cup of white rice (that 2 to 1 ratio is critical so be sure to actually measure. if you need more rice you can double or triple, but be sure to keep the 2-1 ratio). Put the rice on a high burner and heat until it begins to boil. As soon as it begins to boil reduce heat to low simmer and cover the pan. Now set a timer for exactly 20 minutes and do not take the lid off the pan while its cooking. In twenty minutes take the pan off the heat and fluff the rice,,,you will have perfect rice every time.

Put you wok on high heat and add 3 to 4 tbsp of oil. Heat until the oil is just beginning to smoke and drop all the veggies in. Now stir fry the veggies until they are still crispy then remove and set aside.

Put 4 to 5 tbsp of SZECHUAN OIL (pronounced SA-Schwan) in the wok and when hot add the chicken, steak & shrimp, but reserve the marinade.

When the chicken, steak & shrimp are cooked (about 5minutes) return the veggies to the wok and pour the marinade in and stir fry it all about 3 minutes.

Now mix about 2TBSP of cornstarch in a 1/2cup of cold water and slowly pour into the wok and let that heat until the liquid begins a light boil. Now stir again while the marinade thickens and coats everything well. Pull off the heat and set aside.

Place a 1/2cup of rice on a plate and top with about 2 cups of the stir fry and enjoy.

That should yeild enough for four ppl, but here it is just Jan, Frog & I and we never seem to have any leftovers....LOL

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I've never tried cooking rice from cold water. I always add it when the water boils. I'll try your method, Lazypup and Frog!

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Sure sounds good! Even after supper. I have made rice like that and yes it does turn out good. I also have use a rice cooker.

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