Spam in emails #@%$##?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 7, 2014

I am so sick of it, its been going on for almost a year now full force. I must get at least 100 a day if not more. I never had that problem before and hoping someone can tell me how to be rid of it. Yahoo doesn't seem to have a very good blocking or filter system since when I filter something it comes in anyway.
What do you do for spam? Yes I delete but it keeps coming back. AOL isn't much better.

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It isn't free, but the ESET NOD 32 product "Smart Security" is very good at screening spam.

Here is a link that might be useful: ESET

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I use yahoo exclusively and I get about 4 per day in my SPAM folder, nothing in my inbox. That's strange.

Although I did get one today, where some stranger was supposedly stranded in another country and needed me to wire $2500 to get him home. Yeah right, I'll jump on that.

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There's nothing special about one email address vs another. Spammers use software that just keeps trying different combinations, and when something doesn't bounce back as undeliverable, they'll start hammering it.

What you have now must be unwieldy, I'd abandon it and start again. The volume of junk will only increase, it won't get better. Try gmail, Google seems to do a better job of keeping garbage out of folders than Yahoo.

Then, with the new address:

Use it only for important emails. Notify friends and family of your new address. No one will be inconvenienced, everyone uses (or should use) an address book or its equivalent anyway, so it just takes a quick entry change to remember how to contact you.

Don't use it for ads, mailing lists, coupon clubs, website logins, etc. My primary email address is used only for friends/family, airlines, and credit cards. Nothing else.

Believe it or not, my name isn't really Snidely Whiplash! Good luck.

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Do you mark the spam as spam? If you will take the time to do so, then the next time it is sent, it should fall into the spam folder. Keep that protocol up and your inbox should stay relatively clear of spam.

I agree with Snidely. Use one address for personal communications, one for personal financial business and one for sign-ups with web sites, social media and catalog ordering. Change your password every quarter at a minimum.

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I usually don't get much spam, but did block several things. After DH passed away, he had tons of spam, and I just starting blocking everything and it went way down. That might help--just keep blocking or change your email. Hope it gets better.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

One of the main reasons people get spam is forwarded emails with multiple names and addresses left on the forwarded email. In fact many of those cutsie, cuddly, funny, just got to share it emails are started by those who are data mining for good email addresses. And when they harvest those with a ton of addresses on them those go on their good live email lists to sell to the spammers.
So just never forget that and if tempted to forward remove every single name and address from the entire email before you do it!
Blind carbon copy function on your email is your friend.
I send them to the junk folders.

But the truth is that if you have an email account that is that far out of control the best thing to do is deleting the account and start fresh. It's so easy to do too.

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I rarely do any forwards, I always mark as spam and it doesn't help one bit. I haven't found a email I like other then yahoo. I have tried a few but they seem to have bugs too.
I don't want to delete the account I have too much stored there.
I guess I just have to keep DELETING!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I found it was pretty easy to prevent spam in my Hotmail, and see that Yahoo has the same filters.

You can block any email with specific words in the email subject line. I blocked v****a (that drug for men that begins with a V) , financial, and some other problem words.

You also block entire the last part of email addresses including the @

See especially #5 at the link below. You can also have them sent to trash instead of your spam folder.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to Block Spam on Yahoo! Mail

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Change your email address. Then send everyone on your list a message with your new address. I have never had much of a problem, but I use a strange address with numbers and letters that their machine can't throw together like a puzzle. What I am getting now is because I joined a couple of forums discussing things like movies, etc.. I only get 3 or 4 a week. I also have one email for my server and family and another for surfing. When I get more spam than I can tolerate, I change the surfing address just a little, a new number or letter.

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Why ask for advice for a problem if you're unwilling to try doing something new or different?

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I use several - the one that is connected to here is one that I use for fringe relationships, not my basic address - but it produced a friendship with Iva Mae.

I have/(had?) another, "junkmailsystems", that I use where various entities in which I have little interest want an email address from me. I may not have it any more, actually, as I haven't visited it in some time, so Yahoo may have dropped it for disuse.

ole joyful

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The stuff stored there are emails right? You can export them to a folder on your computer. At least I can and most can as far as I know. I print out anything that is important to me, like schedules, arrival dates, etc..

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I have blocked them and I see them there again the next time I look in spam

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I'm the same as jasdip, some in my spam, none in my inbox. And I've been with Yahoo for longer than a decade. Same email address. Weird!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I get a few a day with my hotmail account that I have had since I first got on the internet back then it was with msn dial up. Maybe like 4 a day, many days none.
I have a yahoo account that gets little usage, it is as mentioned one of the extra accounts, I hardly ever have spam.
I have a gmail account, which is basically my second used account. It will get a few a month not many.
I have no special filters set on any of them just the normal spam filters turned on.
I have 2 accounts with comcast who is my ISP, I have never used either one for email, one is tied to an online account and I get updates there but no spam. The other one which I have never ever sent out an email from or received one for myself, well that one has tons of emails and spam on it every time I check it which is rarely. I have no idea why. I think possibly someone else had that same email address previously with comcast and it was terminated and I am now getting all the residuals. Very strange. IN fact the one time I was going to use that address was to sign up for an account and I got a message back saying that email address was already in use by someone else.

Changing to a new account is easy and you can still use yahoo just change to a new account, don't close the old one leave it alone. Inform all your legit contacts of the new address so they start to use it instead of the old one. You can still access the old one for whatever you have on it if you don't either transfer it to the new account or save it to your computer.
but the new email address will be fresh and should not be getting all the spam. Just be sure you do turn on all the security and spam features in settings.
It is never a good idea to store things on your email account. To often they can be lost due to something happening on their servers. If it is important save it to your computer or to an online storage site.

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I have blocked them and I see them there again the next time I look in spam

If they are not in your in-box and are going to your spam folder, then your spam catcher is working. Personally, I would get out of yahoo and aol and go to gmail, but it doesn't sound like you have a problem.

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I agree. The Spam *should* be going to the Spam folder which it is.

As long as it's not in your inbox, you don't have anything to worry about. I always check my Spam folder before deleting it, as sometimes a legitimate email gets sent there.

Yahoo is doing it's job perfectly, from what you're describing.

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