crazy storm

JeanInWaJuly 30, 2012

Crazy wild storm here this afternoon...and guess who's car windows were down a bit? During the storm, the roof at work leaked, the freezer stopped working, and while they guy was there to look at the freezer, I noticed the temp gauge on the fridge was wayyyyy to warm. Had to unload both and take food to another center until we get them fixed. Went to unload my car, and the whole back of my pants were totally wet from sitting on the wet car seat. As I was leaving our center, I got to the first stop light, and across the street (not the direction I needed to go thank goodness), cops had the road blocked off because it was flooded. There was a car in the middle of the water, up past the doors. Got on the freeway, and the southbound side, (not the direction I needed to go thank goodness) was bumper to bumper and stopped. Evidently, there was an accident, probably caused by the torrential downpour, wind and crazy hail! So glad to be home!

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jean, wa state? not the typical seattle rain we'd have when we lived there! i do remember one rainstorm they called a 100 year rain...but that was back in 1986...

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I know I replied..but it's not here, so I'll do it again..if it shows up twice, that's why. I moved to Colorado Springs over a year ago...I really should probably change my user name, huh?

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