Weekend and 2nd Interviews

samkarenJuly 1, 2013

Boy am I beat!!!!!!

left Saturday morning for my Brother & SIL's house. 2 1/2 hour drive due to rain storm. Got there and they both gave me a HUGE hug!!! Wanted to cry I was so happy. We spent hours talking and talking. My nieces and nephews came over and they couldn't believe it when they saw me. Got hugs from everyone. When I was leaving the next morning my brother said he loved me and not to wait another 13 years to come over.

First interview at 8:30 this morning. Went well. Met with the Dean and the currect secretary (who is transferring to another department).

Second interview at 11:15 went well too. Met with head of department 7 committee members. Explained that I had been involved with education union for 14 years so I am really hoping that helped me. Job deals with the unions.

Both of them said that they will have their decisions by Wednesday. I feel I did my best and if this is meant to be it will happen.

Also...I had an interview where I work in another department. (Remember I was 9 for 9 not getting jobs). Got an email that I have a meeting with the Dean & HR on Wednesday. Wonder if they are going to offer me the job???????

Have to wait but will let you know when I hear what the outcome is on everything.

Thank you all for the good vibes!!!

your resident DJ

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It sounds like you had a great weekend with your brother and family. I am so glad that it went well.

Well, that's very interesting that your office wants to interview you for a position there. Hmmmm, maybe they heard from the other places that they were very interested in you. Good luck with everything and hope you get what you want.

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too bad you can't clone yourself. Sounds like you have excellent prospects. HOW will you ever choose, if they all offer you a job.

So glad your visit with your brother went so well.

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I'm so glad it went well with your brother and his family.

Congratulations on good interviews, and I will pray that you have great news to share on Wednesday. Hugs!

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Fingers crossed!

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SamKaren, I'm so glad you had a great weekend. That surely boosted your confidence level for today's interviews. Do you know which job you would rather have? Good luck to you, my dear.

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I'm glad you had such a great visit with your brother and his family.

Sounds like Wednesday will be a big day! Crossing my fingers for you!

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I think you should start thinking about WHICH job you would prefer.
I have a feeling you will have multiple offers to mull over!

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You must be on cloud nine with your wonderful warm reception at your brother's and now the jobs!!!! You're well on your way to a new beautiful life as a happy single.

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sounds good! Glad you went to see your brother!

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Wow; how things have turned around for you in the past couple weeks! I have no clue what the story about your brother is, but it sounds like you will be keeping in touch! :)

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God I hate the waiting and not knowing!!!!!! I know exactly which job I want but would take either.

Went online today (just in case I am lucky) and found an apartment complex that has several units available at a perfect time to move. AND it's 5 blocks from my sweetie...

Hope I have good news to post tomorrow. I think I wll be crushed if I don't get either of them.

your resident DJ

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