Hello Everyone!!!

TigerlilJuly 24, 2012

Don't know if anyone remembers me? I haven't had access to a computer for a couple of years and didn't even know if this site was still here.I am at my son's house and thought I would see what was going on here.I have missed all of you!Just bought a new laptop and will hopefully be online soon.We were in NM for almost 5 years.Went home last Feb.Got the twins to an age where they can kind of fend for themselves.LOL They celebrated their 4th. birthday saturday.We are in NM now and will go home Thursday.Everyone up here is doing good.DS is cancer free as far as we know.Little Rowdy has no residual problems resulting from his problems at birth and they are both growing like weeds.I can hardly believe they are already 4 years old.DH and I have both been diagnosed with diabetes in the last couple of years.Not very well controlled at this time but we are working on it.Other than that we are feeling pretty good.Well,I will get out of here for now.Will try to get back on here before we go home.See Ya later!

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Welcome Back!!!! I do remember you and all of us here often think of friends that have gone into cyber-space.. Glad, glad to see you and hear that you and your growing family are doing o.k. Nanny

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I remember you and those sweet little twin babies... not babies anymore though. lol Hope you'll share a current picture of them with us.

Welcome back Tigerlil!!

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Welcome back! I too remember you and particularly little Rowdy.

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I knew I recognized the name, but couldn't place you till you wrote about Rowdy. Then I remembered. Welcome back.


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lily, are you going to be living in TX or NM? Mike and I talk about you when we drive through Big Spring and wonder how you guys are. Glad to hear things are going good for your DS and his family. Can't believe the twins are 4 already, how time flies.

So good to hear from you.

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Nita,we will be in Texas.Trying to get our place fixed up a little.Things sorta went to pot while we were gone and we are getting a few RV's moving in.Had kids and grands living there while we were gone and they didn't take care of things like they were suppose to.LOL Next time yall are through there give us a call.432-816-3786 Would love to see you.

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Good to hear from you again....I've often wondered how the twins were.

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Welcome back! Don't be a stranger now that you found us again, please. Good to hear everyone is doing so well. The diabetes will get under control as you work on it. I'm there too.


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Oh my goodness - welcome back! Of course I remember you. Happy to "see" you.


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I get to be repetitious...good to see you back "home" at the KT.

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LILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI! I think of you so often. I have your gourd sitting here by my desk and your ornament goes on my tree every year. So nice to hear from you. Write me..
crw....at g8er.com you know how it goes.

I sure have missed you. Steph is married! Son is talking to us again... kinda. So much has happened.

Love ya!

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Of COURSE we remember you! Welcome home!!!!

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I remember your story about going to help with the twins, but honestly, I had no idea it had been that long since you posted. Time really does fly, doesn't it? Glad to hear all is well!

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cwnv-I have missed you too!I am remembering all those late night chats we use to have.It was fun.How long has Steph been married? Any grands yet? Would love to write but after tomorrow I won't have internet again for a while.Have to save up some of that green stuff before I can get mine going.LOL I will get in touch as soon as I do.Love you too!

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She got married in Oct. It was nice. I have lots of pics to show you. NO grands. Waiting till they can get a house and careers going on an upward trend...tee hee.

Can't wait to catch up with you on ICQ when you get going again. Travel safe going home. Will be thinking of you.

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