Marie Osmand and nutrisystem commercials

enjoyingspringJuly 2, 2014

I am really getting sick of seeing her pushing this diet on everyone. She keeps talking about the same 50 lbs that she has lost. These commercials are just so phony, she is just not believable in them.

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They are phony! She's phony. I laugh at her saying woman talk about losing weight and how we look, but for her it was all about how she felt. Like she's superior. She looked in the mirror and saw what she didn't want to see...she was 50 pounds overweight. News to me that we "feel" with our eyes. Sooo phony! "That was a rough day."

Guess everyday should be a low day for me until I buy nutrisystem. : D Haha...not!
That website does a good job exposing the commercial for what it is.

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People get paid to sell things. Click your remote.

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I'm sick of it only because I've seen it so often, but I agree with O.F. turn the channel! In Marie's defense, she is very clear to say this is what worked for her. She does not say it will work for you. The fact of the matter is, all diets work if you stay on them and exercise.

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I have no doubt you could lose weight eating their food. Have you ever seen the portion size? Not even worth turning on the microwave for.

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I do not like stars using their so called power/fame to sell fake stuff. I esp hate the ones that target seniors;( My mom has a Colonial Penn policy and always say you know the one Alex Trebeck* sells?? SHEESH!

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Amen, yogalady

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Well, at least she did use the product and lost weight. I don't like it when they hawk items you know they would never buy. Like Brooke Shields really has Lazy Boy furniture and now Bill and Giuliana Rancic are doing commercials for Ashley furniture and how much they love it...I doubt celebrities shop at Lazy Boy or Ashley. And I doubt Alex Trebek has a policy from Colonial Penn.

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Bill Rancic really bothers me although I find Julianna very likable. Sorry, I just had to add my 2 cents.

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The commercial where some of these celebrities are selling "reverse mortgages" really bothers me.

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For some reason this summer this commercial is bugging me also. I am thinking she looks a bit heavy in them...and I swear I heard her say; This one works, as if no other does. In the past I heard the "for me". Did they edit it out or am I sneezing when she says it? Possibly it is because she talks like she is a typical mom..I don't know about you but comparing her life choices and mine, well, they do no line up AT ALL.

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There's too much exaggeration permitted in ads. One I object to is Cancer Centers of America where they have now been forced to run a written sentence stating the equivalent of YMMV. No kidding, since they have been exposed as cherry picking patients they accept, and only feature those they've helped. No Thank You.

I object to any commercial for prescription meds. Most other first world nations prohibit these, and the US should too. How about public service ads instead that tell you to seek medical help if you have X symptoms -- not a money-grubbing ad telling you they have a magic pill for you...if you just "Ask your doctor."

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chisue thank you for mentioning that one...a friend of mine actually went to that one and they told her she would go home cancer free in the interview...well guess what...

The Brooke Shield commercial doesn't bother me one is expensive, well made furniture..I have one chair that the mechanism brok 16 years after I bought it. still looks like new ..well danged near and there was no charge to repair...No charge...after 16 years......I can see her with that furniture...Ashley ..haha I doubt it.

The ones that bother me the most are indeed the weight loss body reads they small scrolling line at the bottom of the screen that says "you ain"t likely to get the same results in a million years"


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I doubt that she even lost weight using the product. She was probably eating other chef prepared food.

I'm ashamed to admit I tried Nutrisystem several years ago. It was absolute garbage. I finally threw it all in the trash. Honestly, it was not fit for human consumption IMO.

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A person's 'diet' is what he or she eats. You don't 'go on one' then 'Resume Speed'.

I got into trouble here once before with this, but will risk the flames again...

A childhood friend could not get to a good weight until she saw an MD who examined her, then brought her into his office to say, "WHY are you so fat?"

Whoa! That certainly got her attention -- and some people on the KT thought it was a terrible thing for a doctor to say. But she was fat, and there was a reason.

The question was WHY? Eventually the she and the MD got down to an emotional reason she overate.

It was a habit learned in childhood, when her silent, introverted, and overweight father would share a gallon of ice cream with his little girl before bedtime. It was a 'ritual' that replaced the real emotional tie he couldn't manage to show any other way.

Once she understood, she said it was as though a light came on, and she started dropping those anxiety-insulating pounds.

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Spanks that is why Marie Osmand, looks half way good. And soft filtering of the cameras.

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My son helped edit a commercial for another diet guru. He said they stretched the AFTER picture to make the person look thinner.

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Nutrisystem....hmm, look up the reviews.

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I think Marie does a huge disservice to girls/women when she talks about how "we all worry about our weight and how we look." Speak for yourself, honey! What a bad message to send.

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All this makes me glad, I don't watch hardly any TV. It is off right now. I am sitting in my recliner, using my lap top, and it is heavenly quiet here. :)


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Who was that selling furniture ... Bill Rancid (or someone)?

o j

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