Why So Little Info on James Holmes' Family?

chisueJuly 27, 2012

The media is usually all over any person of interest. All I see about James Holmes is that he has a mother and a father who live in San Diego, plus some differing descriptions of his personality from different classmates and his pastor. Is he an only child? Is there any extended family?

Now it appears that he was being treated by a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado whose specialty is schizophrenia. There is often some form of 'mood disorder' in the family of someone as disturbed as he is. Was he on medication? Was he taking his medication? Is he being evaluated and/or treated for mental illness within the prison system?

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Well, his family didn't commit a crime. I'm sure that giving them some privacy is a humane thing to do. You know, the Golden Rule, treat others as you would like the be treated. If he were my child, I certainly would not want to be battered by gawkers.

As for the psychiatric information, I have heard some reports in the news, but the police are not required to release information, and any doctor treating him would be bound by doctor-patient privilege.

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There might be a gag order issued by a judge.

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Interesting. Lots of media bashing goes on right here for being intrusive. Gee, I wonder why the media is intrusive.

Those are all legitimate questions, though, but he committed the crime, not his family. I imagine his family is grieving.

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Hopefully, his family will be able to maintain privacy. They certainly do not need a media parade at this difficult time.

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I saw an evening talk show like Anderson Cooper or one of those shows like that, and the guest said they are trying NOT to give this guy's actions too much personal acknowledgement. They are focusing on the victims.

As an example, he dyed his hair orange to get media attention - they don't want the media 'all over him'.

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It's just me to want to figure out WHY -- not 'bashing' anyone. Bizarre behavior is still 'behavior'; it comes from *something*. I'd hope that if we know the 'why's' we might help keep these sad people from hurting themselves and others.

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I did hear that he was complaining of a stomach ache because of the "terrible jail food". Oh, my heart bleeds for him!

He had to have been very intelligent. I don't care if he is crazy....I hope he snaps to long enough to realize the gravity of what he has done and what lies ahead of him. And don't mistake my remarks for sympathy. I have none for him.

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Sue, your questions are definently valid, and in time, I think the answers will come out. In the meantime, we will just have to form our own conclusions and hope they can get this young person to talk. So far, they say, he hasn't given any verbal comment on his actions.

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Why...there are always wrong thinking people that take their anger out on the family. They are probably hidden away for safety. This is a parent nightmare that didn't start last week. I can only imagine...

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Marilyn-I could fix him a great meal! I have no sympathy for him either.I do feel for his family.I'm sure they are wondering where they went wrong,but I feel more for the ones he murdered and their families.He needs to have NO attention!

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I think the family deserves their privacy.I'm sure if their names, photos and whereabouts were publicized,there would be threats made against them.

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