What's for dinner Monday?

patti43July 22, 2013

I made a big pot of chili today and am making a pan of cornbread to go with it. I think it was Raven (?) last week that made chili and it sounded so good. Yes, it's hot outside, but it's nice and cool in here!

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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I could eat chili anytime of the year.

I had total leftovers tonight......chicken/stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans.


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Friend is home from the beach, but leaves next week for Boston, where they are building another home.

She had a huge apple cranberry roast turkey salad, and I enjoyed tremendously a blt on marbled rye..

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DS was suppose to arrive today to play in a golf tournament with me tomorrow but he was sick all night and cancelled. I was going to make a honey baked ham but changed my plans. Tonight we will have steak and home fries. My neighbor is going to play golf with me tomorrow and Wednesday he and his wife and grandson will come for dinner and we'll have the honey baked ham.

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I took 4 bone-in chicken breasts out of the freezer, but they were HUGE, so I put 2 back.

I made Chipotle chicken and rice. I had intended to make extra for leftovers, but as it is, we each have half of our chicken left.

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We had chicken fingers cooked in a tempura batter, tossed salad, and crescent rolls.

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Rain again so I made lasagna.

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Shirley, the leftovers from that meal are better than the first time to me.

Oh Glenda, does that ever sound wonderful. Sure hope your neighbor keeps the condo, too.

Aw, Georgysmom, I'm sorry your son couldn't make it. Hope he's okay. Glad you could find another partner so quickly. Do you make your own HB ham? I just go to the HB Ham store myself :-) Love that ham!

Jasdip, I don't know what they're feeding those chickens but one is usually enough for the two of us--with some leftover!

Pam, anything with a tempura batter is delicious--vegetables are great with it. Woo hoo!

Mary, what are you going to do about all your darned rain?? Making lasagna is a good way to spend your time on days like this--of which you've had more than your share.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, we had a business appointment that finished up around dinner time so we decided to eat out at a little Italian restaurant not too far from us. Good grief, were we ever disappointed, lol.

Italian, my foot! It's a little chain called Rafael 's. The food was awful and not the kind of awful that cannot be blamed on the local kitchen, but the whole franchise . But my mama always told me to find something good to say about things, so I can say that the dinners were hot and the salad was cold.

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