Where Do You Shop For Clothes?

AnnaKayJuly 1, 2013

I cleaned out my closets and got rid of all my ancient clothes that I've had forever, retired from my job where I've been wearing jeans for the last umpteen years, with tennis shoes--you get the idea. Okay, so here I am, a mid-60's lady, very slender (okay, I'm skinny...) medium tall, and I decided that I should own something appropriate for church, meeting a friend for lunch somewhere other than fast food, you get the idea. I had in mind maybe a sheath dress, just below the knee, 3/4 length sleeves or sleeveless with a jacket. This was my first mistake, having something in mind... So whenever I was out anywhere, I did some casual browsing.

Well, my goodness! Everything seems to be sleeveless, short, and very --ahem-- open at the neckline. Okay, plunging. Not a jacket in sight! Nothing for the woman with less-than-beautiful elbows and knees. And it must be that everybody but me has lots of nice cleavage to show off.

I've not made a full-out search, but I believe some of you are from the same generation I am and I thought I'd ask, where do you find clothes that are suitable and make you look your best? I guess I should add that I'm not among the wealthy...

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Well, I am just the opposite as far as body type-Im very fluffy, very busty-just plain fat. I have trouble finding clothes because Im smaller in hips and legs and much heavier in the waist and bustline. I have had some good luck at Boscov's and I am sure they would have what you are looking for. Of course you may not have that store near you so you might check out Coldwater Creek. Good luck on your search. Satine

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I like macy's, and dillards, but both only on their clearance rack. Overall, I think they are to pricey.


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Try Chico's sales racks. Chico's is pricey but stylish and going from your description I think their line would be great for you. They have lots of jackets. With their sales prices, you can be right in style and look fabulous. And even better, their clothes are very comfortable.

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I love Chico's too. I buy them at Salvation Army. Their sizing is odd; you'll find 1, 2, and 3, which do not correspond to regular sizes 1, 2 and 3! I think they explain the sizes on their website.

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I am your age but not your size. I shop at Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor and Talbot's. Occasionally at Chico's, but their sizes make me nuts. I also haunt the sale racks at Eileen Fisher and Nordstrom. I hate clothes shopping and I used to love it.

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We have an outlet mall here with a Chico's. I've seen those sizes and surely will go to their website to check out the very strange sizing. There's a Coldwater Creek store over there, too, but nothing in that store is small enough for me! Love to check out the jewelry, though!

Keep these ideas coming. I appreciate it so much and truly haven't seem anything that doesn't look way too "young" for me. But I don't want "matronly", either. Just too picky...

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I don't have to be, but I am a Goodwill gal all the way and always have been. I'm your age and skinny, too. I buy skirts to hit just above my knees. For jeans, I'm only going to wear stretchy grandma jeans - nothing below the navel for me!

As for tops, I like the v-neck style and that's what I wear. My boobs don't sag, because they're too small, so why not - my clothes look as good as anyone else's and are inexpensive and feel good!

My undergarments come from Walmart, KMart, Target - you get the picture - I am NOT a fashionista by any means.

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Have you tried Sears? I find some nice things there that aren't over-priced.

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I like Kohl's~Macy's and Chico's. You could try Ann Taylors lost my DD#2 is small ish and buys clothing there.

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If you are going to buy that one good dress, go to Nordstrom.

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Il like a tailored look, and am in my late 60's.
We have a Premium Outlets shopping center nearby, and I shop primarily at Talbot's for dress clothes, Ralph Lauren for sportswear, and Brooks Brothers for both.
I used to shop at Coldwater Creek, but they've gone a little too fussy for me.
Or, if i'm desperate and don't have time...I just run over to Nordstrom.

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I usually buy from Macy's, Beall's (Florida store but you can buy on-line), Kohl's or Boscov's. Boscov's is only in Pennsylvania but you can buy on-line from them, too. From your description, you would look great in something from Chico's. I love their clothes but don't think they would look too good on a short person like me.

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Ross's for casual clothes! Love their senior day on Tuesday's!.

Cruise clothes: Kohl's

Parisians now Belks for upscale purchases, plus love their shoes.

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I like Penney's. Nice selection, and I like it when I find one item that I like and can get it in more than one color.

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I am short and quite fluffy plus I'm in my seventies. For years, I have shopped at Old Pueblo Traders and Kohl's. I usually find a good variety at OPT and they also carry smaller sizes, including Petite. You might try those.

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I am 59, average weight but short. My constant go to place is Ann Taylor Loft although I check out Ann Taylor too. Loft is more casual.
Because I am petite, my selection is limited
There are very small petite sections so I have been ordering online. Loft sends me coupons and alerts so I get everything on sale. I sometimes get free shipping. After a while, you get to know what works. If it doesn't, I don't mind returning to the store.
I check out Talbots, Lord and taylor and Macy's, but usually don't like what their selections.
I love looking at the Loft site online. I can see when new things come in.
I envy people who are average height. I also have trouble getting shoes!

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I am wondering how your friends dress. Mine all wear youthful fashions. I also work with women in their late fifties and sixties and they are also very stylish.
I live in an upscale town and it was daunting at first. Living here, I learned to "bump it up a notch." (While nice jeans would have been acceptable in my previous towns' Back to School night, here is was business casual.)
Sometimes when I shop I have to stop and realize something is too young for me. I still feel that I have nice arms and will wear sleeveless as long as I can.
I used to find shopping difficult until I realized that you can't get everything all in one trip. It is a process. So, keep looking and don't settle.

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Chico's. Sounds like you would be a 0 or 1. I will tell you that the clothes in Chico's outlet are nice, but not the same quality as their regular store. If you have a regular store near you head straight for the sale rack. They are always running sales.

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Sally Brownlee

I dont know where you live, but I also like to shop Lands End, Woolrich, Pendleton and Orvis.
All of them are kind of of "outdoorsy" casual, but all are a modest cuts.

For a little dressier, but still casual, I go to Coldwater Creek (less and less all the time) Talbots, Ann Taylor.

Anybody remember Anderson Little? I loved that store!

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No one has mentioned BonWorth...I love, love this store...The clothes are for those of us who don't want to look like teeny boppers....I'm 76,short, slightly fluffy and this store is perfect...Most of their clothes are made larger and the gal told me, as I bought all smalls, they are made to make a gal feel good, lol.....I also love Beals when I'm in Florida....Other than that, I'm a great "good will" shopper.......

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For classy, well-made, and more expensive, I like Ann Taylor. For lower price and cute (ie. sundresses, sports wear) I like Dress Barn.

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All of you are great! I so much appreciate your sharing your thoughts with me and I have a "sort-of" plan! I live in NC, in a very rural area. Walmart is the only game in town for close-in, but that outlet mall I mentioned is about 25 miles away, pretty accessible. And especially now that I'm retired and can shop when the entire rest of the world isn't there. So first I'll go over there and check out what I can find. Another ten miles or so and I can go to Sears, Penney, Belk. There's a big and relatively new shopping center in Durham with, I believe, a Nordstrom and heaven knows what all else. I've been there only once because every time I get ready to go some kind of violent crime seems to happen there, I get scared, and I stay home! (Mind you I haven't made plans but a very few times, so I guess it's not that often, but still...)

Beyond that we're talking a 50-mile expedition to more urban areas. I'm not sure I want anything bad enough for all that!

Sometimes I can fit nicely into junior sizes, if I could find any that didn't look like they're for somebody maybe 13 years old. At this point, I really don't need an applique of Tweety Bird on my butt! All this would be a lot easier if I had a little "fluff", if you know what I mean...

kayjones, I love you! All these years I've been a Goodwill shopper on a regular basis, it's the only place I can find jeans that fit and that's what I've worn to work for years! And I've found lots of other things, too, believe me! Plus, it's my go-to place for books. I know where all their stores are within a 30-mile radius. But Goodwill is sort of a hit-an-miss proposition, maybe you find something, maybe you don't.

So here's the deal: I'm checking out that outlet mall again. Then I'm going the extra miles to some of the other stores--I know I can find a Nordstrom and a Macy's, a Belk, Penney, and Sears. And I'll check on-line as well, though really, you need to be able to try things on and touch the fabric and all that. One store's size two is another store's size gazillion, it seems. I will report back and let y'all know how it's going!

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