Saving iPhone contacts and other info

Jodi_SoCalJuly 15, 2012

When I go into the office tomorrow, the paperwork for me to go out on a four week (or possibly longer) medical will be set in motion.

A few years ago my employer issued me a laptop and iPhone so that I can be on call 24/7. I don't know for a fact but I suspect they may ask for the iPhone and laptop back while I'm out. As such, I would like to copy as much of my personal info off the iPhone as possible before tomorrow morning.

Any suggestions? I'm also going to cross post this to the Computer forum.


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Depending on the model of your cellular phone, you can use BitPim. It's a free download and has been around for years. Link below, select download. You do need to have a USB cable to connect your cellular phone to your computer. Some of the power cords that comes with the cellular phone for recharging has a USB head/connector by the plug unit. Just disconnect it and connect the USB head to your computer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bitpim

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It appears BitPim does not support the iPhone.


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Probably too late on this - but can't you back them up using your iTunes account?

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I followed the instructions someone posted on the Computer Help forum but it calls for Outlook and I don't have it installed on my PC laptop.

I found instructions without having to use Outlook but I don't trust iTunes to download without messing with the current contents of my phone.

I use the iTunes extensively at the office (5,000 songs, hundreds of photos and some videos) but have never used it at home on my PC. I'm afraid if I use Sync, it will override my phone with the contents of my home iTunes setup which contains nothing.


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Sally Brownlee

can you download your contacts to your Outlook at work and email the list to your home account?

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Jodi when I sync my iPhone to my computer they both seem to end up with the same content in iTunes I "think" I have to save my pictures separately from the phone to the computer but I'm not sure it's been a while. Have you tried emailing the info to yourself? I don't have outlook either. Good thoughts coming your way re your medical leave.
oh, did you maybe check with apple on how to back it up? Just thought of that.

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