What's for dinner Monday?

patti43July 1, 2013

Tonight we're having pancakes and sausage links. Have all the clothes packed and most things on the buffet ready to put in the car in the morning. Can't pack the toiletries or Harry's C-PAP and stuff until morning. Two minutes, tops since it's all ready to put in.

Since I won't be here tomorrow this is our picnic lunch and probably leftovers in our motel after a long drive: Fried chicken, Glenda's broccoli-orange salad, hot and sweet pickles (I made from store-bought dill pickles), banana bread (Glenda's recipe) with cream cheese, pears and watermelon chunks and some cubed Havarti cheese to go with the pears later.

I will miss all of you. Y'all behave while I'm gone--if you want!!

What's for dinner at your house tonight?

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Have a great trip and have a blast!

Hey ya'll, I'll be patti for a week. Hope you can tolerate me :o)

DS and GS have been raving over Moe's BBQ, so I finally went.

They let me order a modified child's plate and got the best ribs I think I've ever had and their sauce on the side was to die for.

Then treated myself to Bruster's Ice Cream for a scoop in a cup of chocolate lovers trash.

I'm a happy camper!

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Patti, please drive safe as the weather in TN will be bad all week. Have a great time & don't eat too much. Hope on the way back home the weather will be better for the two of you. We will miss you.
Glenda, love your little pictures that you put on here, hope we get one every day.
For dinner it was hot dogs, something easy as we got caught in the rain while working.

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If I ever have to do any traveling, I want to go with Patti/DH. That's food fit for a king, especially for on the road.

I fixed a frozen rice entree to go along with my cranberry beans. Also had peaches and walnuts over cottage cheese.


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Pork chops and roasted broccoli. Woo hoo.

Enjoy your trip and travel safely.

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Patti, have a safe trip and a great time. It sure will be nice to be with family.

Glenda, you take such good care of yourself. Lunch/dinner sure sounds good. I'm playing Mexican train tonight so it's clean out the refrigerator time. DH will have the remains of the ditalini salad and I will finish up the curried chicken salad.

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Patti - have a fun and safe trip! Those pancakes sound good - we haven't had those for ages. We always have to wait for my sister to visit lol! She makes the world's best pancakes. We are having "dribs and drabs" for dinner today - I'm having 2/3 of a bagel, some egg salad, corn and pineapple chunks.

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Baked Halibut, fresh green beans and sliced tomatoes.

Patti, have a safe and fun trip. I think I would be digging into that picnic before I got all the way down the drive way!

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Thanks for the safe wishes. That interstate is a mess sometimes. Sure not relaxing, but it is fast.

Glenda, that's really saying something about Moe's ribs. I'm sure you've had plenty of good ones, being from Alabama. As far as being me for a week, you just be your sweet, little self! And thanks again.

Mary, the travel conditions don't look very promising all the way up. I'm hoping and praying that storm front will pass through faster than they thought. Weathermen aren't always right, after all. Hope you didn't get too wet this afternoon. Nothing faster than a hot dog. I'll have mine with mustard, please!!

Shirley, you're welcome to come along. As far as the food goes, it's easier to control what Harry's eating as far as salt, sugar, etc., to bring our own. His dr. gave strict warnings about eating on the road and told Harry he could be in big trouble real quick, if he didn't watch it. Glenda's salad is perfect, since he needs leafy greens three times a week. (He's on Coumadin.) I love peaches and cottage cheese and those walnuts sure would add a nice little crunch and flavor, too. I'll have to remember that.

Dedtired, I seem to forget about roasting broccoli. And I haven't had a pork chop since I don't know when. We found a big sale on ribs, so that's mainly been our pork source. Still have one big rack left--which lasts a long time with only two of us.

Georgysmom, I'd love eating your leftovers. They sound so good and you get the frig cleaned out. Ta-dah! Good luck playing tonight.

Stacey, we had that kind of meal the other night. Sure cleans out the refrigerator nicely. Plus, no cooking--I like those nights.

Hounds, I want your dinner. Halibut is such a nice white fish and fresh vegetables are always so good. I know you enjoyed that dinner!

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Tonight we had a Southwestern grilled chicken salad. Peaches with Greek yogurt for dessert.

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