Boiled peanuts!

ravencajun Zone 8b TXJuly 15, 2012

I am a happy gal today. We went to the Hong Kong market yesterday for the first time. It was amazing, like visiting a museum of another culture. So many things I have never seen before. But I found they had fresh green peanuts still moist. I bought all they had and boiled them today. I am sure glad I found them. I have not had fresh boiled peanuts in ages, and I have not been able to boil my own in much longer.

I could have gone nuts there, they have a fresh seafood market in there with the big tanks of live seafood, the biggest lobsters I have ever seen in my life, live blue crabs, Dungeness crab, fish etc.

Plus they cook food there, I saw bbq ducks, pork, ribs they have half a pig bbqed they cut from. It smelled amazing, except in the seafood section lol

I am happy with my boiled peanuts they are perfect, I got the seasoning just right. I LOVE boiled peanuts!

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Me, too! I love boiled peanuts.
Have a store, we call it the rock store, cause it's built out of rocks on the outside, and they always have a pot of peanuts going.

They put a plastic bag inside of a small paper bags and ladle the warm peanuts into the bag.

Good eats

In the fall, on the way to Auburn footballs games, they have peanuts stands all along the side of the road for roasted or boiled peanuts.

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Boiled peanuts???

Is there a worse fate for the wonderful peanut?

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I grew up eating boiled peanuts.

Eating Boiled Peanuts

Eating boiled peanuts is easy. Crack open the shell with your hands or teeth
Suck the juice from the pod
Remove the top half of the shell
Eat the peanuts
Toss the shell
Repeat until all are eaten

People often say that boiled peanuts are an acquired taste.

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I grew eating raw ones. My aunt and uncle raised them. When we play in the barn where they were stored, we ate our fill of them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Daddy always planted a large peanut patch, I loved digging them up, as a very small child I remember us all out there digging peanuts. And the best part was knowing that in an hour or so we would be eating hot boiled peanuts! I like to eat them raw right out of the ground and washed but eating them raw can cause tummy ache.

I tell everyone if you haven't tried it then don't knock it because they are a delicious treat, and I think it is a mighty fine way to honor the fabulous peanut.

I have so many wonderful memories of get togethers all because we had a huge pot of hot boiled peanuts to enjoy.

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We have a place downtown, called The Peanut Depot, that's been there for 100 years and still uses lots of the same equipment.

In face I sent Jodi bags of roasted peanuts from there for her book club one year.

Utube video I'm sharing

Here is a link that might be useful: Peanut Depot

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I don't care for peanuts any way...cooked, roasted, raw...but my husband is from Florida and he loves boiled peanuts.

Did you go to the Hong Kong city mall...out on Bellaire, Ravencajun? There's another Hong Kong market out this way...Sagemont or Sagecrest, I can't remember, but it isn't nearly as big.

There are some nuts that they have there sometimes but I never can figure out what time of year. They are Trappa Bicornis...but I don't know what the Viet Namese call them.
They make a very pretty water plant, which is why I like to find them. They are black, the size of a quarter and look sort of like a bat...or a bull's head. If you ever see them, will you let me know?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh wow I thought you were holding a metal bull head, that's really a nut? I have got to see those so I will be looking.

Glenda that place is wonderful it would be one of my regular stops. I do miss the roadside peanut sales and the gas stations too. I tell you in the South you can get some mighty fine yummy goodies.

Marilyn the one I went to is on Veterans Memorial, I was on 1960 and went south on Veterans Memorial about 4 blocks you can't miss it. I will be back, I also got some nice fresh baby okra for a decent price. And a whole seedless watermelon for $2.99, not bad. I will absolutely go back for seafood, and my rice. They actually have Louisiana rice. And some very nice pots. I would love to try some of the strange fruits I saw. I enjoy exploring new places like that and finding the peanuts was a great surprise.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I found this information about those things Marilyn, and it says in October they are in the market. Plus has the oriental name. I also saw some made into jewelry. I need to find one to try that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nut

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I've never eaten boiled peanuts, but when a child, feasted on raw peanuts. My uncle farmed peanuts in Oklahoma and one year he shipped two bushels of peanuts to us. We feasted on nuts for a few weeks. He raised "spanish peanuts". These have a reddish skin and only two nuts per pod. We have salted and roasted nuts in the shell, but why bother when the raw nut is so delicious.

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The only really good boiled peanuts I have eaten were made my our native Hawaiian friends.
We always got a couple of bags to bring home on the plane.
I have had the Southern boiled peanuts but they lacked the wonderful flavor of the ones from Hawaii.

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Boiled peanuts are an aquired taste.
You love them or you don't.

Maybe it's a Southern thing, but they are so good.

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Glenda hit the nail on the head. It's a Southern thing and an acquired taste. I haven't acquired it yet.

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I've never had boiled peanuts, but I'll try them if I ever have the chance. I love dry roasted, unsalted/unseasoned peanuts, and natural peanut butter. I lost 3.5 pounds over the past two weeks by giving up both. :-)

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That must be it, an aquired taste exclusive to those born in the South!
On a trip south, my hubby, a born yankee and lover of peanuts, was looking forward to those "wonderful boiled peanuts" that we had heard so much about from some southern friends. Oh gawd! they were horrible, disgusting! How, we wondered could anyone eat them let alone call them delicious?! Threw the bag away at the nearest opportunity!
How long would one have to live in the south to aquire that taste?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Many years ago, shortly after I made my way to the south, I had my first boiled peanuts. My reaction was predictable .....ew, ick, what a waste of a good peanut. My second exposure was less negative but still not sold on the experience. I soon became a total devotee, going so far as pulling a U-TURN if I come across a road side seller. They are delicious; MUCH more habit forming than any other kind of peanut, as far as I am concerned.

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As I always told my students and now my grandson, never "knock" food if you don't like it. Others do have their opinions and might just enjoy what you think they should NOT.

That's what makes the wrong go 'round.

Different people with different strokes!

I love being from the South and love boiled peanuts!

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Boiled peanuts are absolutely one of my favorite foods! It's been years since I have eaten any, but just reading this is making my mouth water!! Someday, when I go South again, I shall eat every boiled peanut that I can find!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I will tell you that you can get bad boiled peanuts! It depends on how they are boiled and what they put in the water. I am a purist I put only water and sea salt and you have to put quite a bit of salt since it has to penetrate the hard shells that are on some of the nuts. Yesterday I put just under half a box of salt probably between 1/3 and 1/2 range. It was perfect but the pips (the tiny new ones that you can eat the entire thing shell and all they are soft shells) they were much saltier since they have a soft shell.

I ate peanuts yesterday till I almost made my self sick. They are addicting!!

Some people put really strange things in the water, I watched a guy on youtube yesterday that put Chicken stock in his water, now that is a new one on me! but hot peppers and cajun seasoning are very common. I don't want the hot spicy ones. Then some go the sweet route and try to make them salty and sweet. NO! Just give me the basic salty boiled peanut the way they were meant to be LOL.

I don't know about an acquired taste because I was born eating the things as were all my family, if one of us didn't like boiled peanuts that would be as sacrilegious as one of us not liking boiled crawfish or seafood gumbo. LOL

I just hope that Hong Kong market can keep up with my needs now that I know where to find them!!
Boiled peanuts do not give me reflux like they do hard as in roasted, I can not eat anything with hard nuts late in the day or it will give me fits all night even with my daily dose of prilosec. Does the same to my husband and he takes nexium. But boiled and soft no problem.

However one little known fact, boiled peanuts and maybe all peanuts not sure but definitely boiled, can give you gas much like beans do. So beware where you eat them LOL.

mamatoad that is exactly what I used to do when I went during the time when they were available I would stop everywhere and buy up all the boiled peanuts to take home with me. I also buy the ones in the cans, and some grocery stores here do carry the ones in the can but those are just not as good as fresh boiled. I have never ordered the boiled frozen ones.

My husband can take or leave them he ate a few yesterday and commented how good they were but that was it unlike me that just could not walk on by with out just a few more.

It's amazing the simple things in life that can trip that happy trigger LOL

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Never had them, but would be willing to give them a try. I have seen canned ones at the grocery store. Since most canned goods aren't nearly as good as fresh, I've decided to wait until I encounter a fresh that an "expert" on the subject thinks is yummy.

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Being raised in the south, most particularly an area that is billed as the "peanut capitol of the world", I've eaten a lot of peanuts in a multitude of ways. The boiled peanut is my favorite snack, cooked with salt as the only seasoning. One of our local food chain stores, Brunos, is selling green peanuts for $1.99/lb. In fact, I bought and cooked 5 lbs. a couple of weeks ago to restock my freezer supply since I was down to one bag.

Just out of curiosity, how much did the Hong Kong market charge per lb.? I'm curious as to what the difference would be as compared to our area.

Btw, have you tried cooking them in a crockpot? It works out great for small batches and it's much easier than minding a large pot that has to perk along for hours on a stove top.

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Canned boiled peanuts have nothing to compare to freshly boiled peanuts.

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In Vietnam, boiled peanuts is one of the street food and quite popular. The only difference with the recipe is... nothing else is added into the water for boiling. That's right, no salt. Salt was one of the surprises when I purchased boiled peanuts for the first time here in the US. I remembered that it so salty, I had to abandoned it.

We're fortunate to have abundant of fresh produce & seafood in Houston/Texas. I love Houston for this reason.

The Hong Kong market on Veterans Memorial does not have as much as the one on Bellaire. Since I don't need to go to Hong Kong market as often, I normally go to the one down in Bellaire. You want to come with me next time, Ravencajun? Do you like Vietnamese food? Have you ever been to Kim Son Buffet? We'll make this trip if you send me an email. Btw, I did tested out and the email set up at GW is still working.

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I just love them and I'm a transplanted Yankee :-) I didn't have to acquire a taste, but maybe most people do?? I would like Raven's because she salted them well.

But sadly, no more for us. Harry's not supposed to have any salt at all, but he does eat some for seasoning. So boiled peanuts are out. Boo hoo!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have never been to any other any where this was my first time! I have no idea what I paid for them I was so excited to see them LOL I have actually never eaten Vietnamese food, but I do like some oriental food one of my faves is Orange chicken. I don't even know where Bellaire is I will have to look at Google maps, as you can probably tell since we have not been here that long I have not ventured out very far LOL.
Sure I am up for road trips.

By the way it is thunderbooming here again right now and rain drops are falling on my skylights, darn I thought we would get a full day of no rain.

I did not try the crockpot but these were so fresh they only took about an hour or so which was not bad.
I know using a pressure cooker is a very good way to do it and helps get the seasoning in too but I don't have one.
My big gumbo pot worked great.

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Ravencajun, have you ever been to Theiss farmer's market? They often have fresh peanuts too. They're on Stuebner Airline and Louetta, a little north of HEB. They're open in the summer only and has the sweetest corn ever and Hempstead watermellon.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I go there often and to another one Atkins, I have never seen green peanuts though. I will keep an eye out for them. I have seen corn but never got any there. I will get some next time I go. I need to go get some tomatoes.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Ok so I ate all my peanuts and had to go back to the Hong Kong market today for more to cook, this time I bought a lot more because they had a lot more! I did look at the price this time it was $2.39 lb. I don't care how much they are I am getting them anyway LOL I hope to boil enough to put some in the freezer but the way I was eating those things I had none to stash away.

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Thanks for the info on the trapa seeds. They make the most beautiful water plant. It is little diamond shapes in sort of a mosaic pattern. It's a floating plant and it spreads out across the water. Glad you got some more peanuts. ;)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh Marilyn I did look for them but no luck. I assume it is not the right time. It is hard to find out much there since not many speak English, I will have to bring a picture next time.

They did have a lot of nice live blue crabs I was tempted.

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Trapa nuts, boil them too!

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Ohhh, I want some of these pods, too - can you order them online anywhere?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I did see that you can order them, do a Google search for them for sale I am sure you can find them.

By the way all the peanuts are boiled and delish! I had to use 2 pots to cook, so I will put some in the freezer this time.

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Never had them. Saw a sign outside a gas station advertising them, though...I may have to go check them out now.

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