What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43July 23, 2013

Busy day with nothing accomplished! Supposed to start chemo this morning, but my veins are a problem so tomorrow I have to go to ORMC and have a picc-line put in and then right over to the center for chemo. Needed to go to the grocery and pick up a prescription and just got home when we got a deluge! Had just taken the last of the groceries in--whew!

I was going to make a spinach quiche but we're having leftover chili instead. It's already there ;-) I'll make the quiche tomorrow.

Hope you've had a good day today--what are you having for dinner tonight?

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You have been in my thoughts all day!
Hugs for you!

Friend and I debated about lunching, as water class cancelled due to storm, and then the sun came out, so we went to Ashley Mac's.

Had my usual, spinach feta tart, sour cream mini muffin, blt salad.

Made it home just in time for another round of storms with intense lightning.

More of the same tomorrow.

4 of us are playing Mexican train at my place, and it's a bring your own sandwich, tomorrow.

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Patti, sorry to see that you are having an issue with your veins. Hope all goes as planned tomorrow for you.

We were in Pittsburgh today for a doctor appointment. Traffic going in this morning was bumper to bumper. The usual 70 minute trip was close to two hours. Not much better coming back.

But we did hit Steak and Shake for lunch, so we came home happy. Don't need much supper. Think I will tear up the last of the Romaine and make a salad. Have a really tasty cantaloupe in the fridge to add to it. Cake for later.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh Patti I am sorry you had a bad day, I hope that is the last of the bad.

I had a really bad fall yesterday and jacked up my knee really bad so today I have done a lot of sitting around with it elevated. I have done nothing for dinner so it might be lettuce tomato ham and cheese sandwiches for us. I was going to cook tilapia but I think that will be tomorrow.
I hate falls it happens so fast and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I am thankful I didn't break a hip, see that padding back there is good for something lol I do wish I had a video of it though because I think it would have paid off pretty good on America's home videos lol.

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Sorry about your fall Raven, but it reminded me of something my ortho surgeon who did my knee replacements says to me every visit: "Now you be careful and don't fall". (As if I have this habit of deliberately letting myself fall. lol)

I fixed cabbage, potatoes, and ham today.

I hear more storms on the way. A tornado warning just expired for an area close to me.


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Played golf with my neighbor today....we both played poorly. He's a very good golfer but is going through a tough period right now. We comforted ourselves with the fact that we were very lucky to just be out there playing golf. In lieu of what you had to deal with today, that's even more true!

We had a big lunch following golf so DH is getting a BLT and I'm going on the Patti diet......soft foods. (ice cream is comsidered a food, isn't it?)

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Patti, hope tomorrow will be better for you. Tell those veins to get with the the program.

Raven, try to take care of that knee, I know what a bad knee feels like.

Dinner tonight was meatball grinders for hubby & I had a turkey sandwich.

Rain again all night but did stop this morning

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Thanks, Glenda. Wish we had an Ashley Mac's here--sounds like great food and I love the name. Is Mexican train a domino game? The younger generation at the reunion were playing something with dominoes and having a great time. We old people just kept talking and eating--haha!

Gazania, sounds like your day was a whole lot worse than mine. I just hate traffic. Makes me a nervous wreck. Glad you got a treat out of it anyway.

Raven, your day was worse, too. Mine was just a small inconvenience. Sure hope you didn't hurt your knee too bad. When we had our 5th wheel, I had torn out the carpet in the bathroom, rolled it up and started down the two steps. Missed the top on and went flying with that big piece of carpeting to break my fall. I probably would've gone through the floor it it hadn't been for that! Take care!!

Shirley, that sounds good--ham and cabbage. This has to be the soggiest summer the U.S. has seen in a long time. Guess we all needed lots of water.

Georgysmom, even if you didn't play so well, you got in a good exercise. Glad you had a nice lunch, too. Yes, I can have ice cream, cream, mashed potatoes and all kinds of good stuff. Need to keep my weight up. I can get my veggies and fruit compliments of the food processor/blender. Guess onocologists don't worry about your cholesterol count.

Mary, good to hear someone is drying out (hopefully for a while). I should have a grinder while the gettin's good.

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thought i heard it was hot dog day but the closest i had were sweet italians...so browned them, added sauce and cheesey bread...messed that up..dh's boss called and it broke my train of thought...but it was still good...

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Patti- you need Delivery for dinner on these days!

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We bought a 10-lb bag of New potatoes on Saturday. They were at a great price.

Tonite I took some out of the bag for dinner and some were rotten and mushy! Slime was abundant. They obviously weren't stored properly at the store. :(

I sorted out the bag and cooked up some new potatoes, a large salad and 2 pork chops.

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Susan, I think it was hot dog day. I like your sausages better. Doesn't sound messed up--with sauce and cheese bread, you can't go wrong.

Pam, I have a ton of leftovers I've sealed in the freezer. We could eat for quite a while just from those. And since Harry will be the only one eating (at least I think) it'll go twice as far. But I like the way you think!!

Jasdip, that's happened to me before. Have produce go bad after just a day or two--when they looked so nice in the store. Bummer, ain't it?? At least you could save some for your nice dinner.

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