What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43July 21, 2013

Cleaned out the frig today. We have some leftover peas and sockeye salmon so I'm making creamed salmon with peas mixed on and served on puff pastry. Easy peasy, tonight!

What are you having for dinner?

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Rain all day today so we decided it was going to be a lazy day.
Dinner was junk food, one of hubby's favorite.

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Watched the British Open a good part of the day. (Had tears in my eyes when Phil Mickelson made his put for birdie on the last hole to cinch the claret cup....love, love, love Phil.) Now I'm doing laundry. Just having BLT's. There were a couple of ripe tomatoes on DH's tomato plant so it seemed like a good thing to have. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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Not sure. Have company for a week. They are out four-wheeling, and picking Huckleberries, with DH right now. Have lots of deli meats and cheeses for hoagies, or hamburgers and hot dogs. Potato salad, "Grandma Fay's Shrimp Salad" and fresh vegie tray for sides

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Our station wasn't carrying the British Open this weekend :(
Sure glad Phil won.....he came from behind to nail it.

Gorgeous day today. Made 2 loaves of bread, roast beef with sour cream and horseradish twice-baked potatoes. Put carrots and onions around the roast, and had a leaf lettuce salad.

Probably have an ice cream sandwich for dessert later.

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We finally had a beautiful summer day without the intense heat and humidity. I took my mother, sister and her dog Lilly for a long ride. We had Delmonico steaks, cucumber salad and bread and butter for dinner.

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Imagine my horror when I found out that DH had polished off all the bread!

So. now I'm making some marinara sauce. I had some seven cheese tortellini in the freezer so that's what we're having for dinner tonight as soon as the sauce thickens up. Not a bad second choice.

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Popup thunderstorms this afternoon. Got another one coming in!

That fish place for senior fish plate. Really nicely cooked.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had planned to do a beef stew in the Aroma cooker but at the grocery store they had the rotisserie chicken on sale so we got one of those. I will make a chicken sandwich and he will have chicken with the left over beans.

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Mary, you both deserve a junk food night!! Enjoy every single bite :-)

Georgysmom, since I've read through this, my first thought was "Oops!". But looks like you saved the day with the marinara. Good thinking!

Angelaid, wow, that's a lot of choices for dinner. What do you do with your huckleberries?

Jasdip, you sure are enoying your cooler weather. Dinner sounds delicious. Sure would like even a sniff of that homemade bread.

Pam, a nice long ride sounds like fun. I bet your mother enjoyed it. Nice dinner to go with a nice day.

Glenda, I really don't like even riding in the car during one of the south's famous pop-up storms. Hope you didn't get caught in it. Glad your fish was good.

Raven, the best dinners in this heat are the easy, but tasty ones. I love those rotisserie chickens. What a life-saver they can be!!

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We're eating late - having leftover sloppy joes & baked beans. I made a salad with spinach, avocado & tomato to go with it.

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We ate at Longhorns. On vacation at Ft Myers. Anyone know of any good restaurants here?

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Huckleberries ~ muffins, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, pies, shakes, crepes, scones, etc., etc. ... I don't even like them! LOL

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Forgot jam, reduction sauce (for meat, fish ...)

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