What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43July 29, 2012

Leftover shrimp quiche and pears, I think. It's another ho-hum day here. I'm ready for some 80 degree weather!

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Is that the red lobster quiche I shared?

Blah blah blah after last week :o)

That seafood place, can't think of the name.

Senior 3 piece dinner.

Oh Capt. D's.

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What a variety of foods you eat, Glenda!!

I fixed chicken livers, mac/cheese, and home fries.

Today has been beautiful, with lower temps and humidity nearer to the comfort zone.


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Yes, I posted about it last night (you should read last night's dinner post, we talked about you). ;-)

I haven't eaten at CD's but I'd just love some good fried fish. But Harry can't have it. Is it like Long John Silver's? We used to like their fish.

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The cupboard is a little bare until payday, but I still had a half of a jar of spaghetti sauce and a box of fettuccine. Also one hamburger patty in the freezer, so I crumbled and cooked the hamburger patty with some diced green pepper, poured in the jar of spaghetti sauce and simmered that while the fettuccine was cooking. Later smothered the whole thing with Parmesan cheese - tasted pretty darn good.

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Shannon is wanting fish so we are having Mahi Mahi, steamed rice and salad. We still have birthday cake if anyone wants dessert.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Left over red beans I need to clear out my fridge. I also have half of a big super sub sandwich so we may have that along with the red beans. It is a no cooking day.

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Wish you lived here schoolhouse. You could always come over for dinner when the cupboard is bare. Today I made regular gazpacho and we're having that with chicken quesadilla's and some watermelon slices.

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I cooked 3 chicken breasts yesterday with the sauce, so we had the 3rd one today, split between us with steamed yellow and green beans, broccoli, sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob. Very good and fresh from stand yesterday.

We don't care for green beans much, but we sure liked these. Must be because they are right out of the garden.

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Schoolhouse, that sounds really good. Sometimes it's fun to be inventive with what we have in the pantry. Hope payday comes soon.

Nita, I bet is was wonderful to see your son again. And I bet he's glad to have some of your cooking!! I don't know how long he'll be home, but your pork roast with cherry sauce is always a hit around here.

Raven, I'm surprised you can eat at all with all the excitement and retirement planning. You know, you may want to invest in a Food Saver vacuum sealer and when you have leftovers, seal and freeze them. Be sure to mark them with a permanent marker. Then when you go camping you won't have to work so much. And vacuum sealing them shrinks the food so what looks like enough to feed 3 or 4 turns out looking like about a cup of whatever. LOL! So the packages don't take up much room.

Georgysmom, I can't wait to make your white gazpacho. I told Harry about it and told him I got the recipe from the same girl who gave me the ditalini salad recipe. He said, "Well, I bet it's good then." He's crazy about that salad.

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After church today we took food to Amber's for lunch. Cheryl and Kevin grilled hot dogs, sausage and hamburgers and we had baked beans, mac and cheese, green beans with biscuit dumplings, corn on the cob, cucumber salad, tomato salad, cottage cheese, muskmelon, watermelon, devil's food cake, cherry crumb pie, and pecan pie. I didn't even get to sample all of it! No supper for me tonight. It has warmed up this afternoon. Yesterday was prefect weather.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Well, Miss Shirley, how did I miss your post--especially since you had my fav--chicken livers. I'm happy for you that the weather has cooled off a bit. Sure wish ours would.

Jasdip, we all need to enjoy those fresh vegetables while we can. They'll soon be gone. I don't recall ever eating yellow beans. Do they taste like green beans? I don't like that in-between season when it's too late for the summer vegs and fruits and too early for the winter ones.

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Yum, Sue. It all sounds good, as usual. I may have asked you this before, but do your stores carry Michigan brand cottage cheese? I used to buy it all the time when I lived in IN but I wondered if they still sell it. It was the best--tasted like homemade. Really good on sliced tomatoes.

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Yes, Patti they do sell Michigan brand cottage cheese. You are making me hungry for cottage cheese and tomatoes. Have plenty of tomatoes but left the cottage cheese at Amber's :)


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I half way dread looking at these posts...mainly because being on my own, I don't often cook. :)

Has anyone else tried Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese? Don't know how to explain it, but I enjoy this brand more than any others.

I may fix chicken livers twice a year, but y'all are making me hungry for that along with homemade gravy. Nothing diet friendly about it; however, sigh....

My favorite green veggie is green beans, but haven't had any fresh in years.

Sue, your menu always makes me so hungry. :)

Nita, I like the name Mahi Mahi, but have never had any. Is it as mild as Talapia?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You know I had one of those vacuum things at one time and when we did one of our moves and I went nuts getting rid of stuff someone talked me out of it! LOL

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We are having red beans and rice. I bought some smoked sausage rings on sale and had them in the freezer.
I am growing green beans this year.....and they are just starting to produce. We had four of them last night.
I usually plant pole beans but did bush beans this year and didn't plant until June 1st.

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Re: the food-saver vacuum gadget. Don't do what my step-father did last summer. He had just bought 2 loaves of nice French bread, and thought it would be a good idea to vacuum-seal one.

He sat and stared at it, as it got smaller and smaller and smaller. I darned near peed myself laughing when he told us. He was embarrassed to tell us too.

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I made chicken with tomato sauce and spices...a throw-together dish, steamed veggies (asperagus, corn and carrots), and crescent rolls. I'm now eating a grilled cheese and homegrown tomato sandwich. After working around the house today, moving a bed for our new exchange student, cleaning out closets, vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets...etc....I am starving again.

Oh, the tomato wasn't from my home garden ( I didn't plant one this year), a friend gave me a few tomatoes today out of her garden). I do have one volunteer tomato and after putting a protective (from our puppy Chewie) cage around it, I realized it probably won't produce anything without another plant around.

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