What's for dinner Monday?

patti43July 30, 2012

Just finished putting everything away from our grocery shopping trip. I don't know how two people can spend so much money of food. Neither of us strayed from our lists and it was still over $100. We were out of fresh fruits and vegetables though, and they sure aren't cheap. Just as we got most of the groceries unloaded, the started pouring rain again--it was the third rain of the day!!

Tonight we're having smoked sausage and mac and cheese. Last time I made the macaroni it made such a big pan, I think I have enough in the freezer to last all winter :-)

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Miss Myra's for her smoked chicken salad and crackers.

Still full from eating so much last week!

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I just bought a fresh chicken so I may roast it tonight or save it for tomorrow. I am also going to make the pasta dish that was on the front cover of this months Food Network magazine. Broken lasagna noodles with a sauce made of grated zucchini and cherry tomatoes and topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese and a piece of sugar sweet watermelon for dessert.

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We went grocery shopping today, too--produce stand, grocery store.

When I got home, I prepped Pulgogi for tomorrow night's dinner. And cooked up a big package of chicken breasts for the freezer. Used some of the chicken for chicken salad--we had that on croissants, along with a tossed salad.

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Glenda, chicken salad is just filling enough without feeling stuffed--at least for me. Wanna tell us what your favorite dinner was?

Cherryfizz, that pasta sounds delicious. I wonder if my subscription expired or if it just got stuck in the magazine holder before I got to see it. I'll have to look. I cut up a small, round watermelon the other day and diced it into a BIG bowl. Glad I tasted it while I was cutting it up, because Harry's eaten the whole melon. I bought another one today, so I'll make sure I get some this time :-)

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i thawed a piece of precooked pork from last week, and shredded it for bbq...it was so good!

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Having Talapia tonight with green beans from the garden and salad with whatever vegies that are out there. Our tomatoes are coming slowly....we will be overwhelmed in a few weeks. Plums are ripening and make good snacks and Boysenberries with ice cream are deserts while they are in season.

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You will laugh at my supper! An Almond Joy candy bar. I had not planned to eat anything as I had a late lunch, 2:00, but Cheryl brought one out to me. I have not had a candy bar in months and months and she knew that was one of my favorites. So that was my supper! She helped me finish canning up the green beans and that was a great help. Now I am ready for bed, a very tiring day today.

Sue No Rain Here in Central Indiana

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As usual, my mouth starts salivating as I read what others had for their meals. I took some lasagna out of the freezer. That was enough for me.

I had no idea what Pulgogi was so had to look it up. Look for me at meal time tomorrow, Azzalea.


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hard shell beef tacos

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Wow, Azzalea, you've been busy. Did you mean "bulgogi"? I haven't had it since I lived in Okinawa, but Jasdip makes it. I'll have to give it a try.

Susan, that's sounds great. I don't know how anything can sound good after our dinner. I forgot to add we had peas, too.

Sue, I would never laugh at an Almond Joy, even though I prefer Mounds. You need that sugar boost after your day! You'll sure be happy this winter with all those delicous vegetables!

Nanny, I think if I put tilapia on the table every night Harry'd be a happy camper. Wish I had some green beans straight from the garden. So good!!

Shirley, I'll pick you up on my way to Azzalea's for dinner tomorrow. ;-)

Kathleen, I read about your quiche disaster. :-( Tacos sound just as good, though.

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I had some lamb in the freezer....I cut a leg of lamb in half and had the first half for Easter. Decided I'd better get to that other half before it got freezer burn so we had shish kabob, water melon salad, corn on the cob and rice pilaf...Oh and a little cup of the white gazpacho for the first course For dessert, we had strawberries Romanoff.

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Well, Patti, I went out and got more things to make another quiche for breakfast tomorrow and made too much...when I put it in the oven this time it overflowed. Arghghghhh. So, when I'm off in a couple days I guess I'll get to deep clean the oven.

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I've seen it spelled both ways--Bulgogi and Pulgogi--never sure which is correct.

Made a ton of it--(well, about 3 pounds, anyway--it's not worth making a little, and it freezes pretty well. Will be serving it with rice, of course, and grilled pineapple and green peppers. C'mon over tomorrow!

Would love to hear about other's recipes for it--mine's a little different from any I've seen online. Got it from my BIL, who had a Korean stepmother at some point.

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Shannon treated us to dinner at My Fat Greek Restaurant. It was very good but there was a screaming kid that would screech at the top of its lungs. Luckily their group was off in a kind of closed area away from the main dining room. Why do parents let kids keep doing that in public places? It goes right through me and with my hearing aids it is magnified.

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Chicken cordon bleu because I had leftover ham and smoked gouda from my mom's birthday party. The sauce was really good--white wine and chicken broth, thickened and a bit of cream added. I would make it again. I think mac-n-cheese is next. I have a lot of cheese left!


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Georgysmom, it all sounds wonderful. Your DH must've been in heaven! I'm not a big fan of lamb, though. I made your gazpacho soup this morning. I forgot the yogurt, but went ahead and put the rest of it together and I'll add it later this afternoon. It sure smells good!

Poor Kathleen, you just weren't meant to have that quiche.

Azzalea, I'll dig out my recipe. I got it from my boss' wife. She was Korean and made it often. I used to have a bulgogi cooker. It was a large brass pot on three ornate legs with a grate in the bottom for charcoal and a domed top with holes that you lay the meat over. It was more for looks than use, though. I gave it to a neighbor who had always admired it.

Nita, that's so darned irritating. Usually kids don't bother me, but screaming little darlings in a restaurant ruins dinner for all the other diners. You can't even carry on a conversation.

Rob333, I have some leftover smoked gouda, too. And chicken, white wine, chicken broth and cream. Just need some ham. Did you thicken the sauce with cornstarch? I need to make this!!

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Yes, I thicked the sauce. The recipe called for cornstarch, but flour worked just fine. If you want the "real recipe" (I actually just winged it), it's below.

Here is a link that might be useful: chicken cordon bleu II-Allrecipes

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Thanks Rob333. C/P'd it to make soon.

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