What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43July 10, 2012

We are getting our daily lightning/thunder but finally got a lot of rain with it today. Put my jade plant out to get some "good" water. It's been really loud but we only lost our electric for about a minute, if that.

Tonight is last night's leftover mac and cheese with smoked sausage and pear slices. Not so great, but it's filling. :0

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Cheryl and I worked in the garden most of the forenoon and stopped at 12:30 when Amber and Alyssa came so we could go to Richard's for their specials. I had the chicken and noodles that comes with mashed potatoes, and a yeast roll. I also had green beans with that plus lots of iced tea. This evening I had my very favorite sandwich, bacon, lettuce and tomato with Miracle Whip. I had lots of home grown tomatoes sliced on it and lots of lettuce. It was like a salad on toast. I had my leftover iced tea to drink. Still dry and dusty and we keep watering the garden.

Sue in Central Indiana

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T'was really loud last night and very very windy, but little rain. Looks like we're headed that way again later this evening Sure need rain, grass is brown, and no watering in area until after 8 pm

Hartley's down home cooking: fried chicken breast and baby green limas

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Lovely weather here today--don't think it got over 84. DH was still working at cleaning up the garden, I was doing more unpacking, organizing, neatening, etc.

Tomorrow's trash day, tonight was a smorgasbord. Half a corned beef special with a few home fries, half a cheesesteak--both from our dinner at the diner last night. As well as: pulled chicken, onions and peppers, scalloped potatoes--leftover from having company for lunch on Sunday. Told DH to help himself, that whatever was left was going out.

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Sue, your lunch sounds so good, but I bet those noodles weren't as good as the ones you make! Wish I had your BLT!

Glenda, that's the weather we've been having except today it rained really hard. So much lightning and thunder it zapped our TV. We have cable/computer/phone all in one and the other two are fine. Called Brighthouse. He put me through the hoops and said it was our box and they'd be out in the morning between 8-10. We don't watch much anyway.

Azzalea, are you all moved now and DH has retired? Now starts the best part of your lives. Enjoy! I wouldn't dare tempt Harry with all those good things with the threat of them being thrown out. He'd eat them all just to "waste not". He was a depression baby!

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Tonight was sister's night at the Home where my special needs sister lives. We each take our own food, usually from drive thrus or leftovers. We take turns bringing fast food to Annie. The one to bring hers in today brought chicken strips with fries, texas toast and gravy from DQ, along with root beer. I wasn't very hungry so just got a McDs fish sandwich and drank water.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Another rainy gloomy day. I am having left over bbq ribs he is having the soup from last night. I would love to get rid of it all.

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Patti--yes, and thanks for asking. We've been here about a month, DH retired just last Thurs. So we're really enjoying our leisure (ha--we're really cleaning up after that horrid derecho last week, getting unpacked and organized). It's so nice and quiet to be living in the country, instead of in the Phila suburbs!

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