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sjerinJuly 2, 2013

My nephew is getting married over Labor Day weekend and Mom needs a dress! This is a tall order because she's 92, about 4 ft, 6 inches tall, has very little shoulder and is basically quite "shrunken" from osteoporosis. Can anyone give me advice as to what kind of a dress or pants suit to look for? She has a very hard time getting to a store so I'm trying to do a little leg work with the computer to narrow things down and figure out what kind of stores might have what she needs. On top of all that, she'd rather not spend a lot, (but I can work around that,) and the venue is outside and may be rather warm. Whew! I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.

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Sally Brownlee

I have a friend that runs a small business with her mother. They have some very lovely dresses, skirts and pantsuits that work well for mother/grandmothers at weddings.

I dont think their website is great, but keep clicking....there's a lot more than 1st glance.

Here is a link that might be useful: montage double take

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I think you need to sort out first whether she will wear a dress or pants. A dress will require some sort of dressy shoe. Has she worn a dress lately? What does she normally wear? Your best bet may be to buy something similar to what she wears normally but more festive.

Is she very stooped over?

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found this simple summer weight at target...add a white sweater/jacket some pretty for shoes, i'd be on the safe side and get a pair of flats (easy spirits are good)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I found this one at Dillards. I think it's pretty..

Here is a link that might be useful: dress

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Thanks, salgal, I'll take a look!

Graywings: She usually wears pants but prefers a dress for an occasion. She is very stooped over which means she never thinks she looks good in anything. :) I don't think shoes will be a problem as she has quite a few.

Susan and Diana: Thanks for the pretty suggestions! I did forget to mention that she loves, loves bright colors and generally doesn't wear white, gray, tan or black.

There are an awful lot of stipulations! I appreciate your suggestions--thank you.

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She will need to wear a petite size since she is so short. Good luck.

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When my mother was alive and that age and that size and shape, she found that she could not wear many of the skirts/dresses that she still had because the stooped posture gave a very odd hemline. She preferred slacks for that reason.

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Buy a dress, but have it adjusted by a good taylor. All the department stores have formal dress petite sections. Not a large selection, but all she needs is one!

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These are all from Boscov's website. All petite. The most expensive one is $39.99 Any of these close to the style/color/length she is looking for?

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Sheila--Yes, definitely a petite size! For so many years I heard her complaining about her weight, and now she's soooo tiny. Can't enjoy it due to the curvature of her spine though.

Shusi--Yes, hemlines of her dresses are always askew. She normally does wear pants but due to the possible heat and the fact that I think she really does want to wear a dress, we will have to find something for her--either a dress or a skirt.

Ellendi--Yes, my sister has a friend who is a tailor and who has done some pants for Mom in the past. That's a good idea. It's a very big deal to get her to a department store and trying on dresses; actually, it's almost not possible anymore.

Katlan--Thank you for the suggestions! I'll pass them on to my sister to check out as well.

Thank you, all.

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You might be better off going shopping by yourself and buying five (or more) dresses to take home to her to try on there.

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I agree with graywings, buy several dresses, bring them to her home to try them on. You can easily return anything she doesn't like. I've often bought clothes, taken things home rather than using the store's dressing rooms. I am much more comfortable trying things on in my own bedroom with just-right mirrors and light and , of course, privacy.

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jannie, then you miss out on the dressing room mirrors that make you look ten pounds lighter! :)

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I would think whatever it be, that it needs to be comfortable, with a thought of modesty. I have been to several events recently and have seen ladies of this stature, have a very hard time maintaining their modesty. Make sure the hem is a good length for her. Just the fact she will be attending will bring many smiles.

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Finding a good, suitable, comfortable, attractive dress or outfit for an elderly lady at a store is a long shot.

I my own self would try to find a seamstress whose work I can see, ideally one who has sewn for elderly ladies & who knows how to adjust patterns & styles for their tastes, their shapes, & their needs.

Good for your mom for getting out there for the wedding, & good for you for helping her!

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