103 right now

katlanJuly 6, 2012

Unfortunately for us, our house faces west, so we get the blazing hot afternoon sun right in our livingroom. I took this pic about 10 minutes ago, on my front porch. The thermometer is in the shade!

Boo hiss. This is awful, my heart goes out to all those people who have no electricity or A/C right now.

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Yup....we're on day I-forget-how-many-over-100. Last night at 9:30, it was still 93.

and we haven't had a drop of rain since 6/10.

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Our temperature has started going down, living in the woods, the late sun doesn't hit us like it would otherwise. It is now 95.

Sue in Central Indiana

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I am so grateful for electricity and AC. So sorry for all those without. A number of years ago we lost power for at least a week during an ice storm. It was a difficult time, but even then we knew it wasn't as bad as the outages in the summer. We didn't have a generator, but had a wood fireplace, gas grills and hot water.

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99 here now. Tomorrow 104. My daughter and I had this argument. I would rather be w/o power in the winter than the summer. She was one winter for four days. But I have a woodstove ,gas everything and am on city water.

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I'm with you Lily. If I had to choose, I would take winter with no power. We also have a woodburner, and propane heaters in the "toy box" (where DH has all his "toys", motorcycles, tools, boat)

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Too darned hot, that's for sure.

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86 10:15 PM
Bedroom window unit cooling down to 61 for good sleeping.


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Been hot all over. Can't understand people that like this stuff. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'll take -10ð any day over this 100ð/80ð dewpoint stuff. My a/c died and been without it about a week. Got a new one in night before last.

Cold front came through tonight. Got a little rain and the temps dropped from over 100ðF to under 70ð in a couple of hours. Of course I was out at the store and hauled the stuff in during the hot part... (heavy sigh) Oh well, windows are open and I'm enjoying the fresh air. Should be more seasonable the next week or so.

People worry about themselves, but don't forget the damage this has done to the crops (and of course the farmers). If you don't care about them, that's fine, but you'll likely see the results at the checkout counter.

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