Anyone use Quest Diagnostics for routine lab tests?

monica_paJuly 2, 2013

I do, and they developed an app for smartphones, where you can request copies of results of simple things like blood work.
Originally, they came 2 days after being sent to Dr, but now, it's taking a week and several emails to get them.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, the app is VERY slow; for me, it always has been. I usually just call my doc and have him read me the reports (He's happy to do that for me...).

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I have and my rheumatologist hates them. Don't use the app, but it takes them days to send the reports.

I always request a copy be faxed to me, but they usually don't, so the MD's office sends me one.

I now have my blood draws done at the MD's office and we have no problems.

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We use Quest but I hate adding any more apps to my phone so I just wait until they mail them - my doctor will fax them over too if need be.

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With our health insurance we can go to Quest or to any Sutter Medical lab. We always go to Sutter because we can get our results online. They're posted online as soon as the tests have been completed. In addition to bloodwork results online, we can get the results of mammograms, any other X-rays, colonoscopies, etc, etc.

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Is this the company that sends out notices to have your labs done when they are in your area? I don't recognize the name.

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No- they're an established company that many insurance companies require their customers to use.

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Years ago we used Quest -- not since our hospital group has taken over most aspects of health care. There are now four or five hospital groups in the Chicago area that own *everything*.

There was a long battle over which group would acquire our local independent hospital with its' well-insured population. There are very few independent physicians' practices now. The group that nabbed my internist's practice just gobbled up my GYN's group too.

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