redcurls: a question for ya!

glenda_alJuly 8, 2012

How old are you teenage GK's?

Did they participate in the teen programs?

GS will soon be 16. And I have him enrolled in his age group and hope he gets involved.

Last year, when we went to AK, I couldn't get him to go, even though we went to the area and signed up for it.

He even had invitations in our stateroom but he just chunked them :o(

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One was 12, one was 14, the other 16. The 16 year old went to a different group, but they all liked their particular program and hadn't expected to.....your guy will be in the 15-17 age group, I believe. Surprisingly, they didn't care for the slide...said the pool was too small! Their favorite thing? Room service late at night!!! LOL. But never from THEIR room, always grandparents' because they knew we had cash for the delivery person! If you haven't tried the Maui onion rings from the Fish & Chips place in the Lido cafeteria, I highly recommend them!

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I'm hoping he will get involved in his group. Know it would be a lot of fun if he had friends his age to hang out with at night. He's a very outgoing person and has tons of friends in school, here. Last year he had an acne problem, but he's been treated and his face is beautiful now.

I've see the Fish 'n Chips, but never ventured up there in the buffet area.

Do LOVE LOVE LOVE their chocolate lava cake. I have their recipe and made several times. Yummy!

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