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OklaMoniJuly 30, 2012

I no longer have a problem finding what I am looking for. my spices are lined up alphabetically.

Best idea I ever came up with.


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My spices are lined up alphabetically and on two tiers, spices for savory dishes on the bottom rack, things used more for baking on the top.

Truth is, that lasts a few weeks, then everything is hunt and search again - I don't maintain the order :( And I'm not a kid, so don't know how changeable I might be in my habits messy as they can sometimes be.

Someone mentioned bugs in spices, I don't know what climate she was in, but my Aunt lived many years on Guam and all spices were kept in the freezer. So was sugar, flour, rice, cereals etc....

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My spices have been stored alphabetically for at least 25 years! I get made fun of for it, too...which baffles me because it is an EXCELLENT idea. I have right around 50 different jars, and could not imagine storing them in no particular order!

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Alphabetically does not work for me.

The ones I use the most are on the first tier.
Frequently are on the middle.
The ones I use the least are in the back.

No point having bay leaves up front and thyme in the back for ME!

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Mine are on a lazy susan and the ones I use often are at the front. I tend not to have a lot of spices on hand because they lose flavour over time. I buy what I need at the bulk store. The spices I use the most are Montreal Steak spice, chili powder, paprika, cayenne, bay leaves, saffron, pepper, cinnamon Any spices I use for baking like allspice and dried ginger I buy at the time. I use a nutmeg nut that I grate as needed and I usually buy fresh ginger, grate it and store it in the freezer. I just bought a jar of freeze dried oregano. I also tend to use fresh herbs over dried. I use a lot of garlic when cooking but use the cloves.

I have always stored my rice and other grains in the freezer. I used to have problems with moths and my brother who owned a grocery store said the moths come from the dried grains especially rice. I freeze oatmeal too, wheat germ and bran.


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I keep mine in alphabetic order, too. Best time-saver ever!

Cherryfizz, aren't nutmeg nuts wonderful. What a wonderful aroma. I'm down to 1-1/2 and may have to order them on-line since I got these at a specialty store when we were traveling. They sure don't have them in our stores around here!

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Here is a picture of my set up. I used to have the alphabetized all across both racks, but now, have the more often used ones in front, alphabetized, and the rest in the back, also alphabetized. Best way to find what I need.

Oh, yeah, got some nice labels last time I was in Germany, and some of my bottles are labeled in German. :)

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I do the same thing, Moni, and then one of the kids visits and screws it up! DD had a boyfriend who liked to cook and messed up my storage of spices and other things more than once. Ugh. Glad she dumped him and for more reasons than that.

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good idea, mine are all scattered in a drawer.

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