I just spent my Christmas savings.

alisandeJuly 8, 2014

Well, most of it anyway. I'd saved $406 (thanks to Moni's weekly savings plan), and spent $375 on a riding mower I bought off Craigslist.

I was happy to have that much cash available because I hadn't planned to buy the mower. I've been thinking of it as a possibility at some point, but hadn't looked at Craigslist in weeks. Then this morning I wanted to post an ad to sell something of my own, and thought I'd take a quick look at Farm & Garden. There--in an ad just posted this morning--was a very nice mower at a very nice price. And it was delivered by a very nice man who took very nice care of the mower. Turned out he's retired mechanic. :-)

So he's happy and I'm happy. And I will replace the Christmas money as soon as I get to the bank.

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You will LOVE it, I'm sure! I have a self-propelled and a rider - the self-propelled gets used only when I have to mow an area too small for the rider.

Make sure to get a can of air ($5 at Walmart) to blow out the filters after you use it - won't need it every time, but about once a month, check the filters

Don't set the deck too low or you'll 'scalp' your yard - ask me how I know.

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Thanks for the tip, Kay. I didn't know about that. (One of many things I don't know about riding mowers.) I won't be able to use the rider for all my grass because some of it still has big rocks--mostly buried, but often hard to see. My son plans to hack away at them, as he has in other areas of the property.

Meanwhile, I'll use the rider where I can and the "personal pace" push mower for the rest. It's a good form of exercise, so I don't mind using it to some degree. But I'm always behind in my mowing, so the rider should be a big help with that.

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Glad I could help, Susan :)

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Good for you Susan!!!
That little spending jar is so handy! We're using it to save up to get a new couch and chair or loveseat.. We have an older leather set but it's very uncomfortable.

I'm sure you'll love having the riding mower!

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When you pay yourself first ...

... you can gift yourself first ...

... and when you do it early in the year/in summer ...

... you have time to save up ...

... so that you can gift others, come Christmas!


Making a good deal like that, especially when unexpectedly ... makes one's day - "week", indeed!

Hope you have good service from your mower, Susan.

(But don't forget to make up for the reduced exercise, O.K.? It'll pay off in better health, later ... so they say.)

ole joyful

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Glad you got yourself a new 'ride'! (Christmas in July!)

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kay..thanks for the info on the filter...will pass it on to dh!

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Thanks, guys!

Joyful makes a good point. Mowing with my Toro (which provides some assistance, but you still have to push) is definitely the most sustained exertion I get. When I turn off the mower I'm breathing very hard. I can't think of anything else I do that I would tolerate for that long, but when I'm mowing I want to keep going until I finish, even if it means taking one or two breaks before that happens.

So I don't think it would be wise to give up on push-mowing completely. But the riding mower certainly should help me keep up with the job. As I mentioned, I'm always behind. I don't mow at all in very hot, humid weather, and on days with less humidity I wait until late in the day. If we have a t-storm, that eliminates that. So I never quite seem to catch up.

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Born to ride. Have fun. Keep the battery charged too.

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That's great. I don't know about you, but I always get a sense of satisfaction seeing a freshly mowed lawn!

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OldFixer is right about keeping the battery charged. I finally bought a $30 trickle down battery charger to keep mine ready to ride. I just put the charger on about 15 minutes before I want to mow and it's ready to roll!

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Congrats on the great find!

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Can someone link to Moni's savings plan? I've searched (probably not using the correct term) and can't find it...


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Here it is, Chloe.

Moni's savings plan

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

That was an excellent purchase for your self! We have always had acreage so it was essential to have a good riding lawn tractor. My husband loves his John Deere! But here we don't have as much land and there are so many big trees it is not so easy to get that JD around, he loves it though it is his favorite outside job. He is not so fond of hauling the weed eater around and trimming around all those trees!

I kinda did the same thing recently when I bought my mobility scooter. I had been doing my own savings plan, stashed away where I would not be tempted to use it. I was so happy to have it readily available when I needed it to get my scooter and I am so delighted with it! Roxy Roller, I named it, makes my life much more enjoyable.
I bet that riding mower will do the same for you! Congrats!

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Merry Christmas to you!

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That's a great gift! Enjoy!

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Congratulations on your new wheels!

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