dentist in San Jose CA area?

suziecaJuly 16, 2012


Hoping for a recommendation for a dentist who does both implants and dentures. DS needs lots of work but funds are limited...

We're in San Jose CA area...have already tried dental school at UCSF. They say they can't do the work that he needs.

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Joseph C. McMurray is a good implant guy/oral surgeon. My dentist sent me to him for a single implant. Haven't had it done yet but I am very comfortable with him and friends who used him were very satisfied.

Most dentists don't do implants, They send you to an oral surgeon for the prep and then order the tooth/r teeth for you.

Many dentists do dentures though. Not in house but through the lab.

Be careful with the "we do it all cheap" implant ads you see. You get what you pay for.

If he hasn't done so your DH should go to a dentist to see what would be best for him. They are getting away from yank and replace these days. I had a horrible mouth 20 years ago and expected to be in dentures by now. I will probably die with my teeth. DH went to dentures back in the c dark ages when he was only 20 years old. Regrets it now.

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You might try Loma Linda or USC in Los Angeles. I think both have dental schools.

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Are you willing to travel to the Tri-valley area?

My DH had an implant done last year and was very happy with our oral surgeon. Be careful of those that advertise "All in one day". In most cases it's a two to three step process with healing time in between, especially if you need a bone graft.

I was a dental assistant and interned at UCSF (several years ago). From my experience, they did not get into really complicated or time consuming issues. Hopefully things have changed.

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A ski buddy of my husband had two implants done at UCSF dental school about 5 years ago. Said he saved some money by doing it this way, but was more time-consuming as he didn't live in SF, though had a part-time retirement job at the SF Airport at the time, so I guess that helped somewhat on his "on" days. They were front bottom teeth, & was impossible to tell which ones they were vs. the others. It still was not terribly inexpensive.

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So far we are looking at approx $15k and that's if there are no complications w/implants...he will need 4 implants so he can get the 'snap-on' dentures. That's a ton of $$$ when you are unemployed as he is. I'm trying to help but not sure if I can handle that much $$$

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