Good Afternoon on Monday

marilyn_sueJuly 30, 2012

Good Afternoon, I am getting ready to can green beans again. Cheryl helped me pick and snap them. I just got through washing them and am heating them up to put in the hot jars. I like to hot pack my green beans rather than cold pack them. I think I will have a canner full, seven quarts with some left to eat. It has been a pretty day, but warm. It is now 86 degrees out. I feel like taking a nap but that isn't going to happen. I did do a load of laundry this morning and some dishes. I fixed myself a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich awhile ago for lunch and also had a piece of leftover devil's food cake from yesterday. We have been drinking on iced tea when we would take a break from picking beans. What have the rest of you been doing today?>


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Getting ready to finish cleaning up the house. I have to clean out a closet that our new exchange student will be using, hang pictures up and clean the kitchen up and bathroom. I also need to run to the store. Did a load of laundry and managed to dump a quiche I made into the oven this morning. I salvaged a small part of it, that didn't fall into the oven and made a small one just for me. It had spinach, onions, fresh garden tomatoes in it and was good. I was going to eat it over the next couple days because I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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A lazy, relaxing day for me so far. Had breakfast in the garden which I've only done once before all summer, read the paper and drank coffee out there until 11:30a! Then I took off for the lumber yard to order new porch columns, this time made from a material called "Permacast". Alas, I forgot what size circumference I needed and had to come back home and place a call to my carpenter. He hasn't returned my call yet and the lumber yard closes at 4pm - which is right now in fact.

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It was high 90s yesterday and so humid I could be outside only about 10 minuets at a time. Today is 94 and "nice," seems to be no humidity.

I've been weeding the north Hosta/bleeding hearts garden. The heat has played havoc on all my lovely bleeing hearts. They are brown, yellow, and dried except for near the bases. I'm trimming them down, keeping them watered (praise God for my never-dry private well that feeds the outside spigots) and hoping for better next year.

I need to take a load of linens - the last blanket from the spring, mattress pad, two sets of sheets - to the laundry matt. It's two blocks away and it's so much quicker to throw them all in one of the large washers and bring them home to dry on the line.

Spent the morning making all my yearly appointments. Wasn't that a joy? August will be filled with pap, mammo, dentist, diabetes check up and tests, apnea machine refitting, and some skin tests.

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Do you all want to hear of my tests to see if I have some muscle disease? New to me, and I think I passed it....just have neuropathy getting worse. Electric shocks (Ouch, ouch) and then needles into the muscles of my legs ....a first time for that and I hope the last. Then vertigo, so I have been in bed most of the day. Raspberry Jam makings wait in the fridge, as well as the green beans picked from my wee garden yesterday. Playing catch up now!

It is a beautiful day here today in the mid 80's with a gentle breeze; more than making up for this mornings discomfort.

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