what did you do for fun today, July 4?

OklaMoniJuly 4, 2012

I went on a bike ride with my family. We were in the bike parade too. ;)

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Moni, That is one very special family picture! I know that you had more fun than me. I am catching up on my ironing...its 94 degrees out right now, but I am not complaining. I have electricity so I can do that ironing in an 80 degree house.

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Nothing. Too hot.

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Moni, do you save that bike for parades? I notice that it's painted in patriotic colours. Love the pic!

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You are really looking good, Moni!

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A bicycle built for 3! How cool! Nothing fun here either.

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Very nice Moni, the whole family is beautiful :)!!

DH took me to the Olive Garden for lunch where we celebrated our 42nd Anniversary. Going swimming later lol.

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Moni what a fabulous picture... I caved with this heat and my sons installed an air conditioner for me..The humidity is terrible here in old "BeanTown". Looking forward to the Boston Pops concert from the Esplanade.


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Spent the day on the lake where we will be camping next week with 4 grandsons. I like being on the boat, but I dislike camping and I am dreading next week.

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Great picture!

Nothing super interesting here, either. We're still digging out from last weekend's storm-from-hell. DH only finally got the tree that was lying across the garage and shed down last night. We still have branches, leaves, and loads of other debris to clean up.

It was nice that DD stopped in, and one of her friends who lives locally popped in to say hi. But this 4th doesn't seem like much of a holiday with so much work to be done, and so many families suffering so much loss.

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It's miserably hot out so didn't do much outside. Inside I scanned a large number of old family photos and uploaded them to Ancestry to add to my family tree. Then we went out to dinner to the Red Lobster and enjoyed a nice dinner. Now I hear the explosions as people set off fireworks here even though it is illegal! Sounds like an artillary barrage!
Love you photo Moni..good looking group!

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I took Finn to the parade this morning. I pushed him in his stroller from their house to the parade. It is unbearably hot here. I sat in the sun for an hour during the parade and did not think I would make it back to their house but I did. I came home and drank lots of water and then took a nap.
We both really enjoyed the parade. Finn waved at the floats and bands and clapped with the crowd.

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Great picture.

I'm very lucky to have a friend with a pool. Good friends, good food.

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Cute picture! Looks like you had a happy fourth.

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Nothing unusual. Just got back from walking through the hedgerow behind my home, saw one of the fox pups. It is 92 degrees out and it didn't seem that hot, no sweating at all.

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We had the kids over for noon meal and also for supper. Played a lot with Alyssa who is now 16 months old and runs all over, never tires. Rode a couple times on the big rig and that is about it for me today.


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Well, it was rather pleasant out this morning. Doug had some shifter problems, and we cut the morning ride short, went straight home after the parade. After much fiddling with all, he got it going, and we did another ride this afternoon, with a stop at the park for the kids to play.

Unfortunately you can't see Allison in the trailer, but she was there too. :)

The bike is just those colors, and that is why we took it out for this mornings ride. Seems so fitting to ride a red white and blue bike.

This was my first ride on a triplett.


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A friend invited me and a bunch of other people to her lake house. We had a good time eating, drinking, went out on their boat, even took a swim. Her husband loves my macaroni salad so I always bring that.

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Moni-What a fun bike! I've also never seen a bicycle built for 3 (and 5 if you count the kids!)

We are at my in-laws house in Maryland. Luckily they didn't lose power from last weeks storm. About 80,000 still without in the VA/MA/DC area. We lost power for just a day, so was a minor inconveince.

Anyway, my sister-in-law and family are also here from Alabama, so we have been having fun just spending time together. Gone on a few walks around the block to burn off some of the goodies we've been eating!

Tuesday we went to Ford's Theatre in DC for a free tour and lunch. Pretty interesting and makes me want to read up on Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. Took the kids for a swim to cool off yesterday and may hit the movies today (same reason!) Didn't feel like dragging everyone in the heat so we just set off some little fireworks in the front yard. Neighbors came by with some bigger ones.

The older kids are travelling to Gettysburg to get some more history. Tomorrow we are hitting the Amish market-I've never been so I am curious!

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Teresava--which market are you going to? We love the Green Dragon in Ephrata (only open on Friday). Great area to vacation--you can fill a day (or more) just driving around and stopping at whatever places catch your interest

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