Teeny, Tiny, Itsy, Bitsy Red Ants..

sandy_in_iaJuly 14, 2010

This morning Dean noticed some VERY tiny ants. I cleaned everything up with soap and water. At noon, there were more...not alot, but still there. I took a macro pic as I couldn't even see what they were...yes, I even put my glasses on! I had to crop the photo just to see that they truely are teeny tiny red ants. (the long body and 6 legs)

Any ideas what to do...or what they are all about? I don't think they are sugar ants..I have had those, and you can see those. These are smaller than a pin head! The only way you know they are not crumbs...they move. ugh! I HATE BUGS!

THANKS for any help!

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You might try spraying Windex on the ant trail or on your counter tops. When I worked at a university that is the only thing we were allowed to use to kill ants in our offices.

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I sprayed everything down with bleach at noon...we will see what that does. I don't see an ant trail like with sugar ants.

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Get a cucumber, peel it and lay the peels wherever you saw the ants. Not sure how it wotks, but it does. This is an old tip my Grandmother used 50 years ago.

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found this ans to the same question...

It is either a thief ant or pharaoh ant and both can be difficult. Pharaoh ants like sweets so a bait like that will work. Thief ants not so much. Both can be wiped out using a non repellent spray. Insecticides just divide the colony and you end up with more. There is a lot of info you should know. Check out; http://pestcemetery.com/how-to-tell-a-thief-ant-from-a-pharaoh/ and I think it will help.
Good luck

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We had those. They were raiding the peanut butter jar. Then they found the Crisco. I had a grease trail running from the cupboard, down the wall, then disappeared behind a baseboard.

I ended up mixing peanut butter with diatomaceous earth (ground fossil dust basically, and is safe enough to eat but somehow pierces their hard exoskeleton and they dry out) as well as dusting the area with it. Ants don't like walking through chalky dusty stuff.

They moved around a few times to avoid the treated area, but I just moved with them placing the baits and the dust. My kitchen was a bit messy for a few days because I left the dust all along their trail, the countertop, the cupboard, and the baseboard until I was sure they were gone.

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Call Terminex. :) We use them for both termites and pest control and they're excellent!

We pay $75 every three months for pest control, especially for brown recluse/fiddle back spiders.

They spray the entrances of your doors, and areas inside the house at YOUR choosing, and all around the outside and areas where the ants may be coming in.

Good luck!

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Hopefully by hitting it early we took care of them! I checked after work and I don't see anything, and haven't all evening. I did use peanut butter...but I didn't see anything in/on that. Hopefully they are all GONE! yuck!

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Sandy, no help here, but yrs ago my mom had company & she made a cherry walnut cake (beautiful) when she went to serve it she noticed the cake had nutmeg on it--she asked us kids if we sprinkled it on--(NO mom) then the darn nutmeg started to move--LOL T'was those teeny tiny red ants! God Love her!

Donna (^_^)

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Terro works on every kind of ant I've ever found in the house (but my DS didn't try it on fire ants in the baby's bedroom -- went for massive insecticide overkill, so I don't know if it works on them.)

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I've always had good luck with Terro. That's the first thing I try when I have ants of any kind. Need to either mix with oil or replace it often since it dries out otherwise. I use it straight from the bottle.

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