New glasses are driving me bonkers!

phyllis__mnJuly 2, 2013

I just got new glasses, bifocal and trifocal, which I've had for many years. This time I decided to go with the transition lens, which darken automatically when outside. The problem is that I feel that I'm about ten feet tall, and the ground is on an incline. When I look out my ground floor window, it seems as though I'm in the second floor. This morning, I went back to eye dr. and had them "adjusted". At first it seemed as though that helped to a very limited degree, but now it's as bad as ever. I have never had trouble getting used to new glasses, so am beginning to think it is the transition part of the new lens. Have any of you had a problem such as this? I will no doubt have to make an appointment to see the eye dr. but was just curious if anyone else had this ever happen.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes it is the no line transition that is causing you grief. I am very used to my bifocals but don't try to put me in the no lines.
Some people just can't do it. You may be able to but it might take you a very long time to adjust. My eye doctor told me if I am ok with bifocals just stick with it and stay away from the no line he said he has so many people that just are miserable trying them.
Don't hurt yourself because that is very possible when you are seeing that ground level thing happening you can fall.
You are not alone!

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Tried the no lines once.... NEVER again.
I am one of those who cannot adjust; you may be too.

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YES! I've been wearing bifocals for about 25 years and never had any problem adjusting to them or any increases in corrective powers. very aggressive optometrist talked me into transition lens several years ago and I had the same reaction you're having, Phyllis. I simply cannot wear them and after giving it the old college try...I gave up and returned to my regular bifocal lens. Of course, it's not my decision to make...but I would suggest that you consider doing the same. I'm of the opinion that there are just some eye surfaces that don't respond well to the graduation of the lens from one strength to another. Currently, I'm dealing with macular degeneration...wet in one eye, dry in the other...and receiving monthly retinal injections of Eylea for the wet type. I'm positively amazed at the mechanics of the eye itself and it's abilities to correct when assisted....but to resist interference, as well. So...I trust what its actions tell me.


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You have my sympathy. One time I got new glasses and they were just driving me crazy. I went back to the eye doctor and he changed the prescription. I went back three times and finally gave up and found a new doctor. She was a magician and her prescription was just fine. Did you go to a new doctor?

I'd go back and get the prescription checked. If you get a new one, don't get the transitions lenses this time. They always look goofy in photographs anyway. Maybe you can get some clip-ons for your frames.

I never had a problem with the no-line bifocals, in fact I love them. Sounds like they were working for you.

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You're talking about the transition lenses that darken and lighten automatically due to light changes, not no line bifocals - is that right? Either way something obviously is not right with the lenses. I'd take them back again and if you have them remade just get regular lenses. I do have progressive (no line) bifocals and like them a lot - regular bifocals give me a real problem. It's all what you can get used to.

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I've never had any trouble adjusting to my no lines-not one bit. It may be an incorrect fitting.

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I'm with chessey on this. I have no-line bifocals as well as the transition lenses. The no-line bi- or tri-focal lenses can take some getting used to. I like not having the line because of my job; sometimes I read up close, sometimes middle distance and sometimes far. The absence of a line allows me to tilt my head to get the right view.

It sounds like something is wrong with your prescription. I'd have your eyes checked by another doctor and then give him your glasses to compare. Something's off.

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I guess I used the word "transition" incorrectly. Actually, I have the lines and they don't bother me, so I am assuming it's the lightening and darkening that is the culprit. I could so easily have just gone with dark glasses when needed!

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It's probably the no line that's giving you the problem and not the transition...When the measure for your bifocal, it has to be perfect or it throws you off....I spent many, many years working for an optometrist and there are some patients that just can't get adjusted to wearing the no line.....Also, make sure they check the curve on your lens with the curve on your old glasses...Depending on your RX, that makes a big difference......Personally I love the transitions but, I usually take them off if I'm getting a picture taken.....

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I had the no-line bifocals with the transition feature for several years without any problems, but after that it seemed to me that the lenses never really became clear and stayed darkened to some extent all the time. People at my optometrist's office couldn't seem to see the problem, but when it came time to get new lenses, I left off the transition feature. Now I'm wondering how I'll ever afford prescription sunglasses.

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both dh and i have worn what used to be called photo greys for years...i can't live without them although the bifocals drive me nuts (esp while shopping) dh has the line-less i have lines...he seems to have adjusted but i just pull them off to read cans, lol...

i also don't wear my glasses inside, as i can manage tv, ect., without them...btw...i do have one eye worse than the other....

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No problem for me with blended lenses and transitional lens, but then I have two sets--one for driving and one for reading. Now if I could only remember where i put my driving glasses!!! Can do without, but better with.
I also have clip on dark glasses that go over my prescription glasses as the tranional is not dark enough for full sun and snow glare.

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FlamingO in AR

I got a pair of glasses once that made me feel sick and I took them back and they determined that the axis was wrong in one of the lenses. It took 4 90-mile round trips on my part to get it taken care of- I was pretty miffed and never used them again, but once they were fixed, they were great.

I knew they were goofy when I looked at my reflection in them, I took them off and held them away from me and looked at the front of them- I was one size in one lens and teeny-tiny in the other one, and I knew that couldn't be right.

I know you said you don't have the no-lines, but for anyone who is thinking of getting them- my optician told me that anyone who is used to the lined bifocals will probably have a somewhat difficult time getting used to the no-line ones. I went straight to no-lines and it took me about 2 weeks for my brain to adapt, but I love them and won't ever get lined ones. My husband tried them and he couldn't see at all, it drove him crazy. He had to get new lenses.

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I've worn the progressive trifocals for years (though I understand that's not what you have) and I've also had "Transitions" for sunglasses. I honestly don't think it's the Transitions. You'd be wiser looking at the shape and design of your frames. Are they new? Perhaps not as tall/high as your previous pair?

Cramming three prescriptions into some of the frames that are out there these days can be a challenge.

Years ago after getting new glasses I started having some serious issues problems when driving and even as a passenger. I was constantly thinking we were going to be sideswiped by every car that drove by. The optician thought it might indicate a brain tumor so I was sent to and Ophthalmologist who ran lots of test and then asked to see my frames again. He shook his head and laughed and said the problem was in the design of the frames. He said trying being a passenger while not wearing glasses or wear contacts and the problem will likely go away. It did.

Now I wear an even smaller/narrower (top to bottom) pair of glasses with progressive trifocals. I talked to six opticians before I found one that would agree to fit my script into the frames. And they did a superb job! Especially since I am particular about how my lenses are progressed.

The horizon on my lenses is raised slightly because I read and do computer work far more than I drive. It all works great for me.


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AnnaKay=look for wraparound sunglasses to wear over your glasses.

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when I first started wearing glasses some years ago, I got the transistion and I kept trying and trying and it drove me crazy.I couldn't wear them at all and gave up and went and got bifocals and love them and no problems with them at all.

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"I guess I used the word "transition" incorrectly. Actually, I have the lines and they don't bother me, so I am assuming it's the lightening and darkening that is the culprit. I could so easily have just gone with dark glasses when needed!"

Phyllis, it seems that many folks aren't paying attention to what you're saying.

Normally, I wear bifocal contacts. NOT the ones where one eye is for distance and the other eye is for closeup and your brain is supposed to put it all together. My contacts have the little line and the top part is for distance and the bottom part is for closeup. On Saturdays, I prefer to not have to put my contacts in when I get up, so I have a pair of "backup" glasses. They, too, are bifocals, and have the line. They also are the type of lens that will darken in the sun. So, my backup glasses are just like your new glasses.

Having said that, I have never, ever, had a problem like you describe that would be attributed to anything other than an incorrect prescription, or the line being in the wrong place (one year, the line was too high and it really messed me up).

So, you should go back to the place where you got the glasses, and have them check the lenses. I'd be willing to bet they have to order a new lens for you.

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I agree with Lndsey_CA, the lightness/darkness of the lens should not be distorting your perception. It really sounds like either the lenses or the prescription are off.

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Years ago I got a pair of glasses with the transition lenses. They were extra dark at the top, and the top stayed just a bit dark even after being indoors for a while. Hated them. When I did laundry and held up a white tshirt to see if it was clean, the top half was always dingy!

I took them back and had the lenses bleached out so they were plain.

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phyllis, oh how I feel your pain. Last year I went to a different opthamologist and bought new glasses. The problem was getting someone to take the time to make sure they were in the correct area of my line of vision. Your problem may be different , but at this point in time, I only have one person that can seem to get them just perfect. After having several to recheck my glasses, she got it perfect after spending a few minutes with me. On the no lines there is such a small area , they have be be lined up correctly. Thought I was going blind. By the way, I took a severe fall when I first got the new pair. Hope you find a solution . Glasses are not cheap.

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Your dr. needs to measure your eyes and adjust where the invisible line is. I think it's off a bit, that happened to me. I felt like I was going to fall in to an abyss. He remade them and I walked out feeling confident they were right. After four days my eyes adjusted completely. I went back right away and he knew exactly what was wrong when I described how it felt.

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I'n pretty sure she is talking about Transitions lenses (the kind that get darker when you go outside) not the progressive (no line, like Varilux) bifocals.

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Tell you a funny while I was working with the eyes....I used to teach new patients how to use contacts....In doing so, I'd have to put my own in and out so when it came to sitting across from a patient, I'd wear a colored lens....One day after working with several patients, I went to lunch and had forgotten to chance my contacts...I'm sitting there eating with one green eye and one blue one....Maybe I started a new trend......

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The process that causes your lenses to darken should in no way affect your vision. In the "old days" my lenses did stay slightly gray (Photo Grey) and never were perfectly clear, but the newer process (Transitions) does allow them to become completely clear when out of the sun. It is much more that likely you either have an incorrect prescription or measurement as noted by others above, or that the lab that prepared the lenses made an error. I got my prescription from my regular eye doctor, but thought I would save money by getting the lenses and frames at Wal-Mart. The lab they used was useless, in my opinion. After three tries, I was so disgusted that I just went back to my doctor and got more expensive ones from them. It was worth it for my peace of mind. First time around, the lab only put the Transitions on one lens (boy that looked and felt odd), the second and third (and FINAL) time, the measurement of where the unseen line was off so much that I nearly broke my neck trying to read something close up, LOL.

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When I took my glasses off I felt like a toddler. I was so small feeling. That hasn't happen in a few years, maybe my glasses have changed or I did, or grew up maybe.

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Continuing the saga.....yesterday I went back to the tech that fits the glasses; she did a lot of bending and measuring , etc. etc. and thought she had done as much as she could. Well, by the end of the day, I was on that edge of the abyss, as yaya said, and really perturbed. So I went back again today, and she said she wanted me to see the eye dr. again, to check out the prescription, etc. She did find where a different number had been entered in the records for the astigmatism, so she is questioning the filling of the prescription. I left the glasses with her and have an appointment for next week with the dr. I have been going to this clinic for 40 years and have been very satisfied. So.......we will see, hopefully!!

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If you want "overglasses" try this company. I've ordered from them and am very happy with the company. Great customer service.

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I've noticed a bunch of times where several responders don't seem to interpret the original post as intended and the whole thread goes off on a tangent. Oh well, I hope I read it correctly.

I'm in the camp that says the transition part of the lenses should have nothing to do with the problems you're having, but it's in the way the prescription was set into the lens. I did get the transitional lenses once and the only problem I had with them was that I thought they made me look sick when I looked in the mirror at myself.

As for coping with the sun, I wear the glasses from Walmart, $20, that fit over regular glasses and I love them. I keep them in the car and use them year 'round.

I do hope you're able to have your problem resolved.

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My husband (and his whole family) have bad eyes - think Coke bottle lenses in the 1970s. He has had a vitrectomy and cataract surgery and had a twisted nerve in one eye that causes glaucoma-like symptoms. He has to use 2 types of drops plus Refresh - and just yesterday had a follow-up appointment with his eye specialist - no change in the past 6 months fortunately. His left eye is worse than his right eye - he had to give up wearing contacts years ago since one had to be made thicker than the other and it was always falling out. I asked him if his glasses had lines - they don't - but it was a nightmare getting the prescription right - I happen to have a fabulous optometrist and I have 20/20 - and yet for years he resisted going to her now he wonders why I didn't suggest it - men. But he does not have transitional lenses and is not about to get them. He absolutely has to buy small frames and the frames selected have to accommodate his very strong and different left/right prescriptions - which is where our fabulous optometrist comes in. I met a couple there during my check-up who had moved 100 miles away so went elsewhere and could hardly see out of their new frames so decided it was worth the drive to see my Dr. We have an acquaintance in his early 30s who has a very strong prescription as well. He did opt for the transition lenses and was sorry. We live in Canada and they just don't work right. Yet when he went on vacation to St. Maarten they performed beautifully - maybe the lack of pollution - who knows - but he gave them up when he bought his last pair. My husband also has a pair of clip-ons that he uses as sunglasses - so the frames he chooses have to accommodate them. He also has a pair of computer glasses for use at work - actually they really suit him but they were not appropriate frames to handle his whole prescription and also were not compatible with the clip-on sunglasses. Since his glasses cost an absolute fortune - and our provincial health insurance does not cover eyes and neither does his office plan - and he needs 2 pairs of regular just in case - he is not about to get and lose a pair of specific prescription sun glasses. I did buy him the type you wear over your prescription glasses but he wouldn't wear them - so clip-ons it is. I would be seriously having my prescription checked out in your situation - it is very possible that it was not made right. I am very grateful for my vision at 63 - especially the excellent peripheral vision. Not a chance we would buy his glasses on-line - or from one of the big box type of eye glass stores. Our optometrist guarantees her glasses. I hope you get all of this resolved.

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When I first got progressive lens, which I love, by the way, my eye doctor told me it takes the brain about a month to totally get used to the new lens, and to please keep them on my face for that long. If I was having still having trouble after that, to call him. Took about two weeks and I was just fine with them. I have not tried transition lens, I prescription sunglasses instead, so I can't comment on that part of your post. But I would give them a week. see if they get any better.

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Wonder where y'all are digging up these old posts, eg - this one is almost 2 years old!

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