Something to Cool you off in this heat...

jasdipJuly 17, 2012

Here's a video that's sure to cool you off! I remember some of these!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gotta love Winter!

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LOL, that man slipped in the ice was one of the reason we moved out of Colorado and into Houston. Ice & snow are not good condition for someone on crutches and in wheelchair.

I had the video in full screen and when that truck passed under the bridge.... WOW! It felt good :) Thanks.

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And that's why I'm so happy we escaped the "great white north" and have lived in the deep south for about 25 years. I miss seasons changing. I DO NOT miss the snow shoveling, icy roads, brutal cold, blizzards, being stranded on the side of the road during a white-out, etc., etc.

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I would take winter any day of the week to this miserable 90-100 degree days we've had since June. At the 11 o'clock news it was still 90!!

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After seeing that, I might have to put on a sweater, brrrrr......

Living here in SW. Pa., we've been very lucky the last couple of years and haven't had the terrible weather but it really doen'st matter to me, I spend the winter in Florida....No snow down there.....

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The more I see stuff like that, the more I like earthquake country. :-)


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How about this?
I just love that pic!

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Honestly.....a little cool weather in small doses is fine with me! :0) I was wearing a down parka last weekend up in the high country. There's still spots of snow. YES!!!!

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