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kfca37July 30, 2012

I came across a newspaper photo of a local grammar school group identified as "1927". I would say this was maybe their 5th grade photo. What I really noticed was how skinny both the boys & girls were back then. There was one somewhat chubby girl in the front row (there were about 30 kids total), but otherwise not another even slightly "hefty".

Back in my neighborhood in the 40ties, I can only remember one boy that would be considered overweight even today, & we had lots of kids.

How things have changed.

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I was in elementary school in the 50's and don't remember many overweight kids either. There wasn't money for a lot of treats,
we got enough regular food, I never went hungry. Soda, cake & ice cream was usually for picnics or
birthdays, a special event. Of course with no technical gadgets we played outside whenever we could, we weren't
worried about being kidnapped.

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In 50/60s suburbia there was plenty of "junk" food to be had. But we ran and played it off. We walked or rode our bikes to school, we had recesses and long lunch breaks to run about. Kids were expected to need lots of calories.

I swam a lot and skated a lot. Once I got past my picky stage at around age 10 I ate like a horse. I remember eating four or five hot dogs at the roller rink on some days.

In my neighborhood moms kept a good supply of cookies and ice cream on hand. Desserts were the norm after meals. Schools lunches always had goodies like Twinkies,cupcakes,chocolate chip cookies and chips to trade. If you bought a hot lunch and there were leftovers you were welcome to go back for seconds.

Very few fat kids. Maybe one or 2 in each grade at most and classes were big. 30 to 36 kids per class and 3 classes per grade.

Our kids are fat because they sit on their behinds all day. Longer school hours without breaks,more homework,not allowed to play hard (fear of skinned knees), videos from birth and computers and cell phones.

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sad to say, i was overwieght...and had been from about the time i had measles and flu the same mother to make up for weight loss, went crazy and had 3 squares daily...add to that no regular play time (apt living in hollywood!) it wasn't till hs and i was on the swim team i was sort of fit...but it never lasted for any lenth of time...graduated from hs 1964...

the one thing i do remember about my grandmother was her pantry..she always had canned goods (not excessive) i believe from the days of the depression and the loss of farming during the "dust bowl" days...

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The "change" sure snuck up on us, didn't it. The thing I have noticed most about living here is that so many of the kids DO ride bikes and DO walk to schools and use our parks. The new High School just completed 2 years ago has been a great addition to our neighborhood. I think 78 acres, with sidewalks and grass all around it, as well as fenced; but people have access to some of the fields and we see a great many people exercising (themselves &) their dogs in a huge grassy field. (Dog bag dispensers at the entry and a message to pick up etc.) Tennis courts that can be lighted at night too. Can't think of anywhere else I have lived that have had as many parks....well used ones.Maybe our weather has something to do with it too....and a little bit of rain does not keep Oregonians from being outdoors.

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This is my take from when my kids were younger.

All play MUST be organized (parents thought anyway). Had to join a soccer team or something like that. No pickup games - someone might not get treated fairly!

Everyone gets a big juice and snacks after every practice, for fear that they would dry up and blow away....


I thought a drink of water from the fountain was sufficient - I was told I was WRONG! And don't forget the Little Debbie's next time!


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Don't forget the addiction to sippy cups and five year olds being pushed around in strollers in some communities.

Parents are just too lazy to let their kids walk and a child with a sippy cup in hand is not only drinking empty calories but even if it's just water that leaves hands no longer free to play and explore. I have been around toddlers who won't play with toys. Well ya gotta set that stupid cup down first.

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