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sleeperbluesJuly 8, 2012

DD has re-enrolled in college at UW and wants to become a teacher. Her home address is still here, and she just received an invitation to join Pi Lambda Theta. The introductory letter states UW-Madison nominated her for membership based on her GPA. I'm just wondering if this is something worthwhile, or just a money-waster? The cost is 44.00 a year, which is not a big deal but is it just going to open her up to receiving useless junk mail or will it be advantageous?

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I joined while in college but have let my membership expire. We do have an active chapter in our area as we have several colleges in town. It wouldn't hurt her to join but she may want to wait till she is sure she wants to stay in the college of education at her school.

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The dean of my department nominated me to an academic honorary society while I was concluding my graduate school degree, and I accepted the honor. I don't recall if I had to pay any membership, but probably not as I was stone broke, but it was of some use. On teaching job applications, I was asked to list any honors, and this gave me something to put in the box. In these days when teaching jobs can be scarce, something like that can be helpful in rounding out an application. However, I am not familiar with your particular organization.

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It is certainly a respectable Honor Society, and an honor to be invited.

I see no down-side to membership. However, your daughter should review the invitation, research the organization and make her own decision based upon her needs, desires and personal goals related to membership in a professional fraternity.

As a retired educator, I can't see a "down-side" to just needs to be her educated and informed decision.

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