Question re. the Swiffer covers.....

elisabeth_roseJuly 25, 2012

I am a huge fan of the Swiffer dusting system, but have to admit that those cloths are hard on the budget, so this could be a great idea. Does it work as well though?? There seems to be something about the Swiffer cloths that attracts and holds the dust. Wouldn't the terry cloth ones just push the dust around? You couldn't really spray anything like Pledge on them, since that would make the floors slippery. Thanks.


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FlamingO in AR

I use pieces of fleece, no sewing, I just cut them to size. They grab hair and dust beautifully. Wash with regular laundry with no fabric softener.

I got this idea here at the KT, but many, many years ago. I forget who suggested it, was it Auntie Jodi, maybe?

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You could try one of those microfiber cloths. Dust clings to them. They are washable.

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Turn the cloths over and use both sides before you dispose of them. Each side works equally as well.

Learned this trick from my frugal mother.

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The washcloths work well at collecting dust, hair, etc. Before I toss them in the washer I always pick off all the crud, or brush them over the trash with a small wisk broom. My friend mists them lightly with water, but I don't.

When I was using swiffers I always turned them over, too, but you can't beat washcloths for being cheap. And a lot more swiffer cloths and boxes go into the landfill than washcloths. Good all around. My

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They are to expensive for me to dust with and I can afford them, I just think it's a waste. I use a small feather duster a couple of times, then do a thorough dusting with a soft cloth with a little pledge or whatever on it. I felt the same way about the swiffer mops until I decided to use an old thin wash cloth instead of the sheets swiffer sells. Works great and they go in the laundry.

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I dust with a slightly dampened cloth--wet my hands, wipe them on the cloth, and then dust. You can also use Endust and not end up waxing anything that way or use a microfiber cloth.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I bought a pack of cheap, thin terry washcloths today, and I will try those after I have used up my box of Swiffers. I have never thought of turning them around, but that is an excellent suggestion!


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A single sheet of paper towel works pretty well in place of the dry swiffer sheet. I like Bounty towels best.

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