Amazon Prime has proven its worth again...

pam_25fJuly 19, 2013

I am away from home for the week and not able to control the tv. Fortunately I love to read, but when I want a break I watch stuff for free on my computer. I caught up with season 5 of Doc Martin and laughed out loud even watching by myself. Found Vera, a British series based on a character by a new to me British author, Ann Cleeves. Vera is a police detective in Scotland (I think!) She has another series, Shetland, that I loved.

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That's how I feel about Netflix. Watch what I want when I want. Right now I am catching up on Breaking Bad and starting Orange in the New Black, which is a Netflix series and really good.

Cable tv hardly seems worth it anymore. When my current introductory rate runs out I may switch to just the local channels. Maybe.

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I love AP, not for the videos but for the shipping! I buy so much from them.

Ded, I love BB. The last part starts in August-can't wait to see what happens to Walter. I'm thinking it won't be good. I also want to see Orange is the new Black. I may have to get netflix again for that and the new season of Arrested Development.

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I signed up with Amazon Prime when I knew I had a lot of ordering to do when we bought our new cameras and equipment. I canceled before the trial period was up, because I really just don't do a lot of online shopping and didn't want to have to pay. But, it was sure worth it while I had it!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

LOVE and use Prime frequently for all kinds of products. I've used it for Kindle books that I was curious to browse but didn't want to buy. Read and return.

We use it frequently for our purchases.

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Here's a question: If I have Amazon Prime and buy a used book for a penny, shipped from the seller, will Amazon pay the shipping or will I still be charged $3.99?

If Amazon Prime pays the shipping, it would probably be worth it for me to get it. I've felt that AP isn't worth it for me because although I buy a lot from Amazon, my purchases are always over $25 so I get free shipping.

I'm a big fan of having TV shows and movies available to watch when you want to watch them. My son-in-law gives me a Netflix membership every year, and I love it. (I agree--Orange is the New Black is a good show!)

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Sleeper, I am up to the episode where Gus meets with the Mexican cartel. Gulp. I want to finish Season 4 before 5 starts. I agree, I just can't see any way for this to end well for Walt, or Skyler for that matter.

I'm also looking forward to the next season of Homeland. There are so many series I have missed and want to see.

I love that I can watch them on my laptop and move it from room to room as I do other stuff. Nothing like cleaning the closet while watching Gus's partner get his brains blown out.

I had Prime for the introductory period in order to make a huge purchase. I love Amazon but I usually order enough to get free shipping. If I used it more, I'd get Prime for sure.

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Many things are shipped for free using Amazon Prime, but it doesn't apply to some of the vendors that have storefronts on Amazon, and particularly not to used book dealers as they are the ones paying the shipping, not Amazon. There's not much profit in selling a book for a penny and shipping it for free! Basically people who are selling books really cheaply make most of their tiny profit based on the difference between the shipping charge and the somewhat smaller amount it really costs them.

I have Amazon Prime, but I don't begrudge someone giving me a really good deal and charging a modest amount for shipping. If the price of the book plus the shipping is less than I can get it anywhere else, it's still a good deal. And Amazon is always very clear about what is eligible for free shipping and what isn't before you press the purchase button.

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Thanks, Kudzu. That does make sense. I order a lot of used books from Amazon. I sell some, too, and can't imagine making only pennies on a sale. I guess their huge volumes make it worthwhile for them.

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Love Amazon Prime for the free 2 day shipping! I really need to learn how to take advantage of the rest of it though! I can't fathom watching tv shows on my little kindle fire!! I really don't like to read on it
guess I just stick with the free shipping! :)

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We have had AP since DH was still in college and got the student rate, couple of yrs ago atleast. I order every single week from them everything from special doggie dental raw hides (that are 50% less than vet offices) to DevaCurl 32oz no poo and conditioner, constant presents for my niece & nephew (sent straight to them) and just about every single gift we buy. We also use the prime movie's and free movie's almost every week. They are putting up a couple of warehouses in FL and I am hoping they bring their grocery service to us soon! I used to have PeaPod (grocery delivery ordered online) in Chicago 16 + yrs ago and it was a huge time saver. ~ liz

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