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minnie_txJuly 25, 2012

DS heard a Boom in his kitchen and went to see wht caused it. He had put a bag of ice in his frezer and inadverdently left a can of soda pop in the bag and it exploded. Fortunately it didn't do any damage to his freezer but it isa good warning of what not to do. He said everyone knows not to put a can in the freezer. I really didn't

never thought about it

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I often put cans of pop in the freezer to "get cold quick". When I forget them (ha! all the time!) they don't always explode, but they usually bet a big bulge in the top.

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FlamingO in AR

Iowagirl, if you put the can in some salty ice water, it'll get cold fast!

I don't put things in the freezer that can't be frozen because I know I'll forget them!

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They also explode if you let them in the bed of the truck in over 100 degree weather. Ask my husband how I know.His truck was a mess! And bulgy cans all over the place.Diet Ginger Ale exploded first. Pepsi was just bulged out.Wine pops the cork too in the heat.Hmmmmm....lot of waste that day because he didn't carry stuff in the house.

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I think the only thing that exploded on me was a tube of refrigerated bisquits that had been in the hot car and then we sat the bags on the counter and bang! Of course it had to be at the top of the bag and it went every where....I was finding little pieces of dough, days later........
Kind of funny, but when it happened I actually thought someone was shooting at me...I didn't know wheter to duck or faint......

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My husband used to put his beer (bottle) in the freezer so it would cool down more just before he was going to drink it. Sometimes he would forget, thankfully it never exploded just pushed the cap off and ooozed. LOL AND he laughed at me for filling my glass full of ice before I poured in the tea.

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I put canned drinks in the freezer to get cold quickly from time to time, but I set a timer, because I know from experience, I may forget. Yucky mess if they blow.
And yes - someone around here (thank goodness not in my car) left his sodas in the car this week and boom, boom - it tore open the cardboard box.

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