Great start for the day! How was yours?

glenda_alJuly 2, 2013

Big big crowd for water zumba this morning. Music was great, got you in the mood, and everyone had a great workout.

How was yours?

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cool to the point I have a sweatshirt on, mother used to love her water aerobics class so much...only thing i did was make out bills and get them mailed...

trying to crock pot sweet/sour chicken...even put in the rice...we'll see how it does, lol....

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I was up early and out shopping with Cheryl. Had fun at Hobby Lobby and Joann's. Then a lunch from Steak and Shake, foot long hot dog and fries. I had my own iced tea. From there Cheryl went to Meijer and I waited. We stopped by Amber;s and played with Alyssa. Had a piece of cake there, Italian Cream Cake. Very rich. My day isn't over so not sure what this afternoon and evening will bring. I am hoping it isn't more rain.


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I want to start mine over. Power was down last night, when I came in this morning the power source on my computer was fried. *sigh*

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Bummer, angelaid!

Marilyn, Italian Cream Cake sounds delicious! Did you make it?

susan, our heatwave broke, less humidity now, and it's 88. Time to turn the ac on :o)

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No, Glenda, I did not bake it. Amber bought it yesterday at Sam's Club. It is pretty good, but rich. I am not much of an icing person, :)


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I took DGD's exBF out for breakfast~~~he is testing for our county's sheriffs dept and was right down the street and had a 'sand zen garden' he wanted to give me;)

He is such a sweetheart, I am hoping if he gets his act together they will get back together~~if not, then it was not meant to be.

I was up and out by 8:30 that is crazy for me!!

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