Did you watch... Married at first sight?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 9, 2014

What did you think? I liked it and plan to watch again. I felt sorry for the first girl but I think its a good match.
Would you do it?

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I think they should have made the match then let them date awhile to see if they were suited before marrying them off.

Do you think they will go through with it now?

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It amazes me what people will do to be on television. Joann, do they explain why the participants feel with this odd arrangement?

I can see someone who is really so unlucky, many break ups maybe a few divorces, so why not try this? Nothing left to lose.

But for the average person, this just seems weird.

Years ago there was a show," Who wants to marry a millionaire?" The women didn't get to see the millionaire until he chose his bride. They did get married but of course it went downhill with the bride realizing her mistake. They were divorced as soon as they got back from the honeymoon.

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They didn't explain why yet, that will be in the next show.

I think they did feel like this was a last resort since they were not having any luck in the real world. They were very nice looking people in their 20-30's.

Our world has changed so much its very difficult to meet anyone and online dating is the pits, so why wouldn't they try this and let someone else do all the work finding their perfect match. I do hope it works out for them.

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I had not heard about this show, but now I am curious to watch. I don't usually like shows like the bachelor, but ones like this have me curious as to why people makes such decisions.

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ellendi ........... right, all those shows are quite obnoxiously humerous. Paid to fall in love. Not my kind of humor.

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