I forgot all about the onion sets I planted...

Country SunflowerJuly 13, 2012

and so did Larry.... until I ran out of onions and was going to run to the store... Larry remembered the neighbor giving us some of their left over onion sets and that I had planted them way down at the end of the field.... where it did manage to stay slightly damper than up at the top of the meadow... so he drove down and these are what he brought back... along with some orange and yellow bells that finally managed to get their color going on.. (Wish we had planted a lot more of these, but there is always next year to look forward to ) Now the onions I planted up at the top of the meadow didn't do nearly as well because it was so dry... and I had already used up all that we had that turned out half decent... Now I wish I had planted the whole lot down at the bottom of the field..

Live and learn... The melon isn't ours but came from Campbell MO... Larry set aside these larger tomatos to give some to his aunt and for us to just nosh on... yummm I love them for snacking...


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That's a nice surprise!

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Apart from the dirt, those onions look as good as the ones in the grocery store. Lucky you!

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Country Sunflower

There were just those two that were that big.... the rest he picked were just normal medium sized onions and smaller... but these two were really big... and juicy sweet too..
Got to find out where the neighbor got his sets from too..I would like to plant sets like that next spring...

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Wow! They sure looked like.... onion! LOL. I'm sure all those veggies taste better too :o) Great planting!

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