Almost lost one of my dogs yesterday!

chubby_ratJuly 15, 2012

If you have electric windows in your vehicle,make sure you lock them if you have pets in the car. I KNOW better,but we forgot to lock them when we started out. We were taking 3 dogs for shots. Little Michigan tried to come up front between the seat and door. I was telling him no,then he stepped on the window opener,the window opened and he was falling out butt first.I grabbed his skin and yanked him back in.Whew! So close,on a busy street and we have a truck.So he'd have probably been killed or at the very least,badly injured. My heart was racing! Turned out ok but could have been a disaster! I did wrench my back,been having trouble with sciatica anyway.But at least Michie is still here and none the worse.


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That was a close call CR! The little dog I have now is always pushing the window button in the back, so I have to remember to use the window locks whenever she is going for a ride... never had that problem with my last 2 dogs.

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, yikes, that was close! Glad he's OK but sorry about your back, CR.

I accidentally closed a power window on one of our dogs' necks, once. That had to really hurt, because I got my own arm caught once and it was sore and bruised for a week. Now I'm super careful with the dogs and the windows.

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Close call, glad it turned out ok! My DH shut the power window on my fingers once by accident, hurt like heck!

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So glad everything turned out okay. Your heart must have been pounding!

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Close call CR! I never thought about that, thanks.

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I keep thinking...what if it was one of the bigger dogs.Could I have pulled him back in? I don't think I could have pulled Rock back,he weighs 60 lbs. Michie is only 8/10 lbs.He was almost gone,his head was even with the window frame when I got him. I didn't think I'd get him. Luck was on my side.I dreamt about it last night. Poor little guy,his eyes were big as saucers. I left him up front to sit on my lap the rest of the way. I feel so stupid but wanted to warn everyone about what could happen if you don't lock the windows.
OUCH! On shutting those windows on your arms and fingers! I want the old wind style windows back! LOL! They are safer for humans and animals alike, in my opinion.

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That was scary! Good advice. My big dogs never did that, but they used to interfere with the shift lever more than they should have. My daughter Jill got a seat belt for her dog. Another good idea.

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Wow CR, no I never thought about this. Mine don't ride in the car except to go the the vet. But they could certainly step on the button.

I've been having the same back problems for about 3 weeks now. I feel for you.

I was in your neck of the woods last week. Port Aransas, it has moved to the top of my list for places to retire to.

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Thanks for that warning. I dont have any dogs right now but shared your info with others really scary!!!

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