Sister Wives last night

YogaLady1948July 22, 2013

Who watched it?? I only saw the last half, when they were at the expo. I will catch the first half another day.

Why in the world would they do their first expo in Utah??

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I was wondering the exact same thing. They have a following, they have some interesting jewelry, BUT they HAVE to know the LAST place they're going to be successful is in the area they had to leave because of their beliefs. Why go back and flaunt themselves and their products to the very people who are trying so hard to get past the negative aspects of polygamy.

And what about Meri--she's STILL passive-aggressively keeping Robyn and Kody from getting pregnant again, by 'not being able' to make up her mind. Were I in Robyn's shoes, I'd be telling Meri a year is long enough, the offer's off the table. Meri, it seems, really enjoys wallowing in her 'poor me, I cannot have any more children status'. I don't believe for a second that she wants another at this stage of her life--but she's painted herself into a very awkward corner. Meri used to be my favorite, but with her selfishness about the houses, her wishy-washy method of controlling the family, and her constant whining, she's down at the bottom these days.

Wouldn't you think Christine would be a fun friend to have? She reminds me so much of someone I know in real life who is a lot of fun to be around.

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I have always thought that Meri is jealous of Robyn. Remember the "Robyn, Robyn, Robyn" comment? Her not making a decision on Robyn's offer is her way of passively-aggressively torturing Robin.


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I too was wondering why the heck they attended the Utah expo. Made no sense.

Merri once again had to have the last word after the exhibit set up had been completed by the other wives. She admitted it looked perfect, but had to change something to show her authority. I hope Robyn tells her the surrogate deal is off the table. Merri has some serious issues and I think she is the one person that Cody is scared of.

I really like Christine and Janelle. Christine rarely looks happy and often times Janelle seems sad as well. I know Christine craves more Cody time, but even when they are together there is distance. On occasion she has questioned why she stays. He does not seem all that into her, like he is with Robyn.

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I agree with all of you about Christine and Janelle, they do seem the nicest to me. I also 'used' to like Meri, now I think she is mean. Kody is afraid of her because she is the only legal wife~~maybe she could blow this whole thing up!

I was Binging TSW's and saw on one site that Kody was thinking of taking a 5th wife and the speculation is, that it would be Robin's sister?? Rumor or truth??

I went on TSW's jewlery page and it is OK but not what I would buy. I do think some of it is just personnal to them and would not really sell. They have a good idea, just need to redo their product.

Why not sell it in Nevada~~~Sin City;)

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I think they went to Utah because it was a some type of "womens convention" & St George is only 4 hours away (probably the price was right too). Las Vegas is a huge convention city, so hopefully they will do something there also. But I think YogaLady has it right... the jewelry line isn't extensive & is too personal & wouldn't have a broad appeal. The jewelry web site "mysisterwifescloset" also list clothes & accessories, but they have nothing for sale but jewelry. The launch was over a year ago,,,, what the heck have they been doing??? Maybe the fact that they are back on tv for the new season will help spur more sales... look for them to talk about the jewelry every show (read: advertising).

I don't have any favorite ... they are way all way too weepy, imo. I can't imagine a man having that many "needy" women around him all the time. I'm not sure why I watch, LOL... tho' they do seem like nice enough people.

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I think that not all the ladies are wanting to be part of the jewlery business~~~I would imagaine having 4 woman and a man having to decide on designs, prices, where to sell and when to sell~~would not work out at all. Robin seems to want to do the jewlery and Meri is her GF so they should do it and the others can move on to something else.

I do find them so interesting??

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why not stay in vegas to sell? there is a huge Mormon population there...and if it's very personal you think they might understand? st George is such a pretty dad's mechanics used to drive up there to hunt...the Mormon church looks like big white cake...and if the jewelry is $$$ that's not the community for that...

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I think the stuff on their website is WAY overpriced. Of pay for four houses.......???? I think the ONE house they had in Utah with separate quarters for each "family" made a lot more sense.

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Has anyone else noticed that the wives ALWAYS wear 2 shirts. Usually a plain, long-sleeved knit t-shirt type shirt, with something more fashionable over it. All the years I've watched them, I just realized that the other night. Is it a religious requirement of their faith to be so very covered?
I can't imagine dressing like that in the Southwest. I'd die

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Did anyone else wonder if the first woman at the convention was with the filming crew? She looked young, and showed interest in the whole necklace set. Then, she disappeared after going to get money. Of course, she could have been genuinely interested until she saw the prices.

I agree that the jewelry is both too personal and too expensive. Even if I liked what they are selling (honestly, I have seen things I think were nicer and less expensive at K-Mart that are made of gold), I wouldn't want to buy jewelry that had such personal stories attached - other people's personal stories, that is.

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Azzalea, I believe the way they dress is all about modesty. When they met with that other Plig family, I think it was last season, those gals did not dress like that~~I do not believe it is a religious requirement, just their way.

When I go to craft shows, I never buy anything til I look at everything~~so I may show an interest in something right away, but I tell the seller I am looking at everything first~~

When Robin kept telling everyone their story, it was almost sad to me~~~she loves her stuff so much and feels she is sharing their love with others, she does not understand people are turned off by that. Even on their website the first few necklaces you see are said to be designed by Kody for the SW's because of blah~blah. That does not make me want it~~~maybe I would go to QVC and buy a Jackie Kennedy knock off but not a SW's one~~~it is sad they seem naive about it all.

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I agree that I don't want to buy a necklace because Robyn gave it to Meri etc. etc. I want to buy it because I like the design. I went on their website and didn't see much I liked, plus it did seem overpriced. After the expo failure, seems like they should scrap the whole thing. Or at least change the name to something less controversial.

I think at least 2 of them (Meri & Janelle) need to get a "real" job with a stable income. Real estate CAN be a great field, but it's not steady esp in the beginning. They have no experience and no customer base?? Plus, Cody doesn't seem to be working much either.

Do you really think Meri is purposely stalling on having another baby b/c of Robyn and Cody? I thought she was really just trying to decide if she wanted to start over again-having one in college and one in diapers? Looked like the next epsiode showed her telling Mariah she decided, "No".

It's not for me, but I liked the idea of them all in one big house. I thought that was the goal for this family. You can not tell me that 4 medium sized houses (and mortgages) could be cheaper then 1 huge house or a duplex model, but I guess it's more then Cody and his 1 legal wife could qualify for?

I liked Meri, but she seems selfish with her house "needs". She has 1 daughter who will probably be away at college next year and she wants the biggest house so she can have a craft room and wet bar (Or whatever it was)??

It seems like the family has really fallen apart ever since Robyn entered the picture. I know they went through the whole fleeing Utah, which obviously disrupted daily life, but Christine acts like Robyn is this outsider to their family (which I agree she is). The original family grew up together for 15 years or so, and then cute little Robyn pops in with her 4 kids. I do feel slightly bad since Robyn feels like a part of them and I don't think the other 3 feel much for her. I think it would be a HUGE mistake for Cody to take on another wife, esp Robyn's sister.

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Doesn't TLC pay them?? That is why I think they do not work. I like Kody but what does he really do??? I never felt like they really had to 'flee' Utah. They are just one little 'Plig' family in Utah among many, they just decided to make it public on tv.

That house in Utah, was perfect for them and each wife had a spot in the family~~then Robin came along. She is a nice gal but it did really mess up their solid family unit.

They do seem to live rather large, for the size of the famiy. It is the same as 'Kate+8' TLC funds it and in return the Browns have to add the drama.

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I just can't watch this program.
I have seen, maybe, three episodes. The concept and all the drama just make me crazy, so I don't go there.

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