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nanny98July 27, 2012

I just had a second injection into a knee that I have had trouble with since 2006 when I had the arthroscope surgery and have been checking on a knee replacement since that time. My MD sent me to a Rheumatologist (?) for another reason and he asked if I had tried a "gel" injection. Having had the steroid injections without success, I agreed....and the Gel is working like I never could have imagined. Immediately as well. I get 3 in total (did the other knee yesterday) and am walking without pain. I hope no one has horrible stories about this. I checked the med news places and have found is working and I can walk and stand much more easily. (YAY) These injections along with the treatment for my chronic anemia and I am feeling like an (almost) new person!

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Great news! My husband is an avid tennis player and high school tennis coach. His knees are shot. I will have to mention this to him. Thanks and congrats!


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What is the name of this drug? Do you have a web site that talks about it?

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Is that the injection made from cocks comb? A friend of mine had thad done a couple of years ago and has had no problems since.I think the success of the treatment depends on what kind of problem you have with the knee.

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That is wonderful to know. I have very bad knees and recently voluntarily quit my pain meds. I will check into it first chance I get. Thanks for the info.

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The one I am talking about is called Synvisc.Used for arthritis in the knees.

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If you look at "Gel Injections for joint knee pain" at interesting article. The name of the product is hyaluronic acid.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

And the good news is that hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our bodies and is a good thing, it naturally is helpful in our joints.Hyaluronan is also a major component of skin, where it is involved in tissue repair.

My Rheumatologist has suggested it to me when I have really bad flare up but so far I have not had to have any.

My husband really needs to have them for his knees they are shot.

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I wonder if they use it for other joints. I don't see why not, but I'll have to look it up. My knees are not great, but a bigger problem is one of my sacroiliac joints. I can't tolerate cortisone.

Thanks for sharing, Nanny!

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I had the Synvic injections in both knees. The first was the end of Thanksgiving, the other was done the end of Feb. Each was a series of three. I was told, if it worked, it would probably last for 6 months. Maybe longer. I found the injections themselves very painful, but afterwards, ok. Be sure to ICE, ice ice ice! I am walking much better, with much less pain that I was before. I am really hoping that it lasts longer than six months, because I am a HUGE baby about needles, and must be laying down for anything to do with needles (not including sewing or knitting!)

I wish you much success with it.


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I have had them a couple of different times in each knee and they did not help me one bit. I have since then had one total knee replacement and need it in the other one.


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Synvisc has really helped my knee. I got the series of 3 about 5 years ago and usually only need to go back for 1 shot every couple of years. As soon as that knee gets down to bone-on-bone, I will get a knee replacement.

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Goodness...guess I am late to the party. This was such a 'new to me' idea....had no inkling that it had been around for years. I have "wowed" my family today walking without my walker. Not a whole lot, but much more than the former few steps. I just hope that it lasts long enough for me to get some weight off of these joints as immobility and weight loss has been a losing battle. It really is "odd" that the ortho guy only wanted to give me steriods, so I quit going there.

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I had the Synvisc injections in '99 in my bone-on-bone knee. I had a few months semi relief, but my knee was in such bad shape, nothing short of a replacement (which I had in Oct. '99) would really fix it. I've known several people who had good results, though, so it's certainly worth trying it.

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You can get the hyaluronic capsules to take at a health food store. It sure has helped my hubby Ivan's bone on bone shoulder a lot. Our surgeon was happy to hear that the pills were working but told us he could give it in shot form if needed. Ivan was getting the cortisone injections but they just didn't last. Hubby's range of motion is really great now and no pain. The capsules will take about two weeks or so to start noticing any improvement, but give them a try. We get them for our son-in-law and he has noticed a big improvement in his knees too.

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