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suziequeJuly 15, 2012

Hi all -

I'm new to this forum and hope that you have patience with me! I have fallen in love with hydrangeas over the past couple of years. I now have 8 and they are in various stages of grown and bloom. Here are some issues/questions.

1) Pinky Winky (my favorite), Limelight), and Little Lamb (I think) - the growth is phenominal. Last year they bloomed beautifully and fully. Toward the end of the season they each sent up tall shoots. This year, they're not really blooming as well as I'd hoped. Pinky Winky more than the other 2, but really not nearly as much as last ear when they were all outstanding. But again, they're really growing. Should I have pruned them? Cut those tall shoots?

2) Quickfire - hasn't really done much of anything in the 2 years I've had it. It died back to the ground at the end of last year and this year as grown up about a foot. Nice leaves, but absolutely no blossoms.

3) Light O'Day - Again, growth is Ok (not fabulous), but not a bloom in sight (I planted it year before last; no blooms yet at all). Interestingly, the leaves are supposed to be varigated and those from last year are. But the new leaves are healthy but totally green.

I think I have them in the right places according to sun/shade preferences, and I gave them all some slow-release fertilizer in the spring. Any thoughts?

I've also just planted 2 Abracadabra Orbs and an Abracadabra Star - wish me luck with those!

Thanks -


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Have you tried posting in the garden forums? I believe there is a forum specifically for hydrangeas.

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Welcome Suzieque. Hydrangeas are lovely in all of my neighbours gardens, but die a sad death in my yard for some reason! I've linked the Hydrangea forum below, but there are many, many other garden forums as well! Hope you find your answers there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Try here for the Hydrangea forum

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While I like hydrangeas, I'm certainly no expert. Did inherit 2 of them when we bought this house. One is blue and is just loaded with flowers every year. The other, according to our seller, only flowered the year it was given to them. Well, I did enough reading online to discover that you can cut some back after they've bloomed and they'll be fine, but other varieties cannot be cut back until after they start their new growth the next year. I've been just leaving them alone (both bushes) and they both flower for me. Oh, and the previous owner now lives next door and comments about how the pink one is now blooming for me, every season (she admitted she cut it back every year).

Not a lot of help, but perhaps it's a start for you. They are pretty, aren't they?

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I have two of your paniculatas: Limelight and Little Lamb. I also have Little Lime. This year they're all late, partly because of the frigid temps we had for a couple of nights in June. It killed off some of the new growth. This was a worse problem for the mopheads (I have Endless Summer and Sadie Ray) because it destroyed all the enthusiastic growth they had put on during our warm March and April.

The other part of the problem for the paniculatas was the "pruning" the deer gave them earlier in the season, before I wised up and sprayed with Liquid Fence. Perhaps you have experienced one or both of these issues.

I second the recommendation for the Hydrangea Forum. Lots of hydrangea experts there.

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Well, silly me!!! I would've SWORN that I posted this in the hydrangeas forum. But when I looked for it last night to see if anyone answered, it just wasn't there! I was mystified. And now I see it here this morning. Sigh ... I'm not a new poster here.

Sure don't know how I posted to the wrong forum, but I did, and son-of-a-gun, I got some answers, anyway. I sure do love the KT. Thanks for your responses, and I'll copy and paste my question to the correct forum.


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Suzie, one question you will likely be asked by the folks at the hydrangea forum will be what climate zone do you live in? That can have a huge effect on how some plants are grown. Good luck!

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I figured that was the case, as you aren't exactly new to the KT. :-)

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