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goldyJuly 16, 2012

Has anyone used it yet?I want to make a friend a present ,but I want to know first if it"s worth it.

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Went to Google and read a lot of complaints.

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OMG - $40.00 for a folding cane ?
Heck, I bought a folding cane at my drugstore for half that amount..and I bet mine weighs less, fits in my handbag and is less cumbersome that this cane.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I saw them on tv but never in person it does look interesting though, I know when I use my regular cane it is difficult to try to set it down or hang it on something, and the ones with the 4 prong bottom are cumbersome but this one looks smaller at the bottom and since it flexes really looks like it would work well. But I would want to try one in hand to make sure it would be steady enough.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I see it for $29.95 and shipping. But the reviews definitely are not great.

However what you can do is go to walgreens they have these special tips you can put on any cane that makes it stand up and if it falls down you can step on the edge of the tip and make is pop back up. There are a few different ones and they are not nearly as large or cumbersom as a full 4 prong cane. These are examples.

Hugo QuadPod Ultra Stable Cane Tip with Compact Quad Design Black

JUVO Stand-Up Cane Tip 7/8 inch Grey

AbleTripod Cane Tip Replacement 3/4"

just check your cane size but most are the same size. I have a few canes, I do have a folding one but it has a solid wood curved Derby handle which will begin to hurt my hand after a while, my fave one is a light weight pink aluminum offset with a very cushioned hand grip, light weight and easy on the hand, and fully adjustable.

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I saw a cool cane today, Raven - someone had epoxied the cane into a small child's cowboy boot! I asked the lady about it and she said it makes the cane stand up by itself and she showed me - it was So CUTE!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

oh my goodness what a cute idea or even a baby sneaker LOL

I am going to get the hugo quadpod for mine I have other hugo products and they are all good quality. I found it on sale online for only $8.99 need to check their shipping cost it may be less to order it.

Hugo QuadPod

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Who would a thought it.Most of my friends here use a cane.I will go to walmart's or Targets and see if it's on the self with the other things"As Seen on TV.Thanks for the tip.

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I use a quad cane (4 footed cane) and I decorate it for every holiday and season. Those of you who use canes should decorate yours. It makes using them so much more enjoyable and people enjoy seeing the various decorations. This can be done with walkers too.

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