How do I access pictures in a message?

seniorgal_gwJuly 31, 2012

Someone please tell me how I can see the pictures in a message. Guess I missed something along the way.


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Are you referring to these posts. If there are pictures included you'll see a url below the message, just right click on it.

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Well, this morning I can see the pictures when I click on the message title. The camera image indicated that there were pictures but yesterday they weren't there!! Probably some quirk on my computer or the site.
Thanks for the reply

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If someone linked a picture from his/her own computer, when his/her computer is on, the picture will show up. However, if he/she turns off the computer, the picture will no longer show up. This is why some of us either upload the photo directly to here or use a photo website to link our photos here. The website will always be on and the photos always show up.

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