If you're divorced, did you know....?

Jamie_MSJuly 11, 2012

I was sharing this with a friend the other day and thought some here may not know. If you're divorced and have not remarried, you may can claim some of your ex's social security. If you have not remarried, were married 10 years or longer, are 62 or older, check out the attached link from the Social Security Administration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ex-spouse social security benefits

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Yep, knew that!

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Years ago a friend of mine was in the process of divorcing...Her ex had a very clever lawyer, had the papers drawn up and she, thinking, get it over quickly, she signed the papers....The divorce was final just a couple of weeks before their 10th wedding anniversary and she was out, not able to collect part of his SS...

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I'ts a choice depending upon your own SS. You can do this, but only 50% of their full SS. I made more than my ex, although retired when 55. He is still working, I would only get a quarter of what I receive on my own. Be sure you check on both options.

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Sunny DJ, your friend's ex was a real jerk. The money she would have got as a divorced wife comes out of the General Social Security fund, not directly from her husband, he would not get one cent less if she had collected. No wonder they got divorced! If his lawyer was really "smart" he would have waited and let her collect ex-wifes benefits and arranged to have her support or alimony lowered by that amount.

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I knew it, but didn't even consider it. My husband made way more than he did.

Jannie, there are a lot of jerks out there. My husband retired from a very large well known company. He wanted me to go with him to sign his papers. I did and the lady explained that if he would give up $100 of his pension a month I could draw if I out lived him. My husband didn't even hesitate to say yes. When we got ready to leave she said, "do you know how lucky you are? Most husbands come in here with their papers already signed". I draw almost $900 a month and their wives would get nothing.

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Our neighbor retired from a large company at 65. He signed papers wherein he agreed to take less from his company's pension (amount wasn't mentioned) so his wife would be protected by his pension at his death. At that point, he was about 8 years older than his wife.

In this case, the bet went against him as she died of liver cancer at age 73, and he went on to live totally on his own to age 93, when he died from a heart attack.

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Yep, know that. One of the first things I heard about.


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I pay survivor benefits, to be able to continue to get a share of his military pension once he dies. Otherwise, I would get nothing and the "new wife" would get it all.


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I don't understand the military benefits. My sister's husband was an officer in the navy and she didn't get anything. I wonder why one wife gets it and another doesn't, unless of course they paid into it. Like my sis and the "new wife". When my husband signed up and was told I would get the pension, I jokingly said "what if we get a divorce later?" She said, "you still get it". Love that company.

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